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Powder Processing: Quality, Handling & Safety for Performance

Sunday, June 20, 1:00–4:00 p.m.
Available in-person participation only

Conducted by: Amy Elliott, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

This tutorial will provide basic information and guidance on the use of powders, including safety, handling and storage to maximize the quality of the powders and subsequent performance of the consolidated parts. The information presented and discussed is not regularly found in technical presentations. The format combines presentations and open discussion sessions focused on multiple topics including:

  • safety regulations and guidelines
  • powder production/consolidation
  • best lab and manufacturing practices
  • case studies from industry and practices research
  • powder science

The tutorial is considered a collection of best practices and summary of experience, not an endorsement of any specific procedures nor equipment. Information provided should be discussed within your own organization. The presenters (and their associated companies/organizations) assume no legal liability for the information provided.

(Separate registration fee applies. Must be a registered conference attendee.)

  Before May 7 After May 7 On-Site
Metal AM Tutorial US $50 US $75 US $100
AMAM Member Company Employees**

**Complimentary, but registration still required.


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