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Metal Additive Manufacturing Outstanding Technical Paper Award

The Metal AM Outstanding Technical Paper Award was established in 2018. The purposes of this award shall be:

  • To recognize authors of manuscripts for excellence in scientific and technical written communications. The award is for papers presented and submitted for publication from the annual Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy conference organized by the Metal Powder Industries Federation and APMI International; 
  • To enhance the quality of technology transfer in the PM literature by increasing the professional level of papers submitted for the conference; 
  • To enhance and promote the science and technology which is fundamental to additively manufactured powder metallurgy products, processes and materials.


2023 Conference—Las Vegas
"Cost Effective In-Situ Alloying of Ti-Fe via Laser Powder Bed Fusion" (pdf)
Jeff Huang, Ammarueda Issariyapat, Shota Kariya, Junko Umeda, and Katsuyoshi Kondoh

2022 Conference—Portland
"Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of FSLA Steel Produced by the Binder Jet Process" (pdf)
Chris Schade, Tom Murphy, and Kerri Horvay

2021 Conference—Orlando
"Electrostatic Charging and its Impact on Powder Flowability" (pdf)
L.P. Lefebvre, R. Pelletier, C. Charbonneau

2019 Conference—Phoenix

"Tantalum (Ta) and Niobium (Nb) Containing Alloy Powders for Application in Additive Manufacturing" (pdf)
Ilka Kaczmarek, Markus Weinmann, Melanie Stenzel and Christoph Schnitter


Eligibility and Qualifications (pdf)