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PM Industry Landmark Award

The PM Industry Landmark award recognizes PM products, production processes, equipment systems and/or materials, which represent a well-established application that has made a significant impact in PM usage and/or the design of which represents a significant PM innovation.

The Landmark is presented on an ad hoc basis.

Depending on the nature of the application or product, the award may be singular or it may be a joint award presented to the appropriate firms that collaborated on the application or innovation such as suppliers and/or end use customers, etc. or, in the absence of absolute confirmation of the original source, designer or producer, the Landmark may be presented as an industry recognition.


Orthodontic appliances fabricated via MIM............2013 (video)

PM variable valve timing (VVT) system..................2010 (video)

Powder-forged automotive connecting rod.............1990 

Eligibility and Qualifications (pdf)