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Outstanding Poster Awards

Outstanding Poster Awards

The designation of “Outstanding Poster” is awarded to posters presented at the annual PowderMet and AMPM conferences, and Tungsten conference when applicable, that are deemed to be exceptional by the Poster Program Awards Committee.  The posters are reviewed and judged based on the following criteria:

  • Technical, scientific, and professional integrity
  • Presentation clarity and overall esthetic appearance
  • Enhances practical or industrial value for the industry

Outstanding Poster Award Winners:

2023 –
Rheological Characterization of Water Atomized Powders Developed for LPBF by Unsupervised Machine Learning
Gabrielle Laramée, Denis Mutel, Simon Gélinas, Carl Blais

2022 –
Metallographic Characterization of Liquid Phase Sintered PM Steels Using Artificial Intelligence
Gabrielle Laramée, Simon Gélinas, Carl Blais

2021 –
Development of Novel A8 Tool Steel Powders for AM Produced by Water Atomization
William Chaîné and Carl Blais

2019 –
Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing of High-Performance High-Entropy Alloys
Jie Ren, Chaitanya Mahajan, Liang Liu, David Follette, Wen Chen, and Sundeep Mukherjee

2018 –
Utilization of Master-Alloy to Increase the Mechanical Properties of Lean PM Steels
Justin Plante, Simon Gélinas, Carl Blais

2017 –
Metallurgical Assessment of an Emerging Al-Cu-Mg PM Alloy
B.D. Christensen, D.P. Bishop, I.W. Donaldson, R.L. Hexemer and A. Taylor

Effect of Powder Recycling on Oxygen Pick Up and Mechanical Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Parts Produced by Direction Energy Deposition
Jean Nicolas Rousseau, Carl Blais, Alexandre Bois-Brochu, Maude Tremblay, and Louis Simoneau

2015 –
Novel PM Steel with Improved Machinability for the Production of High-Performance PM Components
Francois Audet, Milad Mardan, and Carl Blais

2014 –
Characterization of Titanium Powders for 3D Printing
Yan-Chun Liu, Bob Causton, and Mitra L. Taheri

The Effect of Chemical Homogeneity on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Partially Alloyed Iron Powder Material
Joon-Phil Choi, Jun-Il Song, Joon-ChulYun, and Jai-Sung Lee

2012 –
Promotion of Alumina Scale Protected Iron-Base Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys
A. L. Spicher, I. E. Anderson, FAPMI, J. R. Rieken, J. L. L. Meyer, and D. J. Byrd