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Due to the current economic crisis, and for the foreseeable future, MPIF is offering free ad space to anyone seeking employment at a PM company who is currently unemployed. Ads must be 100 words or less, and will run for 8 weeks with an option to renew.

For more information contact Dora Schember at (609) 452-7700; Fax (609) 987-8523

Positions Available

Positions Wanted

PM Process Engineer

Charles P. Ashdown charlesashdown23@gmail.com (781) 367-9789 Hands-on, entrepreneurial problem solver. Looking to assist P/M companies to greater success with technology. Focus on metallurgical process technology, and the way that it impacts material properties. That interest started with melt-spinning to make powder, and the capability of producing sub-micron crystallized structures, after annealing from the amorphous state, with very interesting mechanical properties. It continued into gas atomization, focusing on producing the finest powder possible, at the highest yield, for MIM and lately AM. I have advised our customers extensively on debinding and sintering to improve properties for both applications.

Technician Position

Jaco Marais looking for a technician position in any of the many subdivisions of the powder metallurgy industry. 2 years ago I committed myself to big life and career change and traveled from South Africa to attend the BASIC PM SHORT COURSE at Penn State in August 2018. I Studied Physical Metallurgy in South Africa and worked in the flat steel industry. I recently became US Resident with a Greencard. I need a position where I can learn everything about the PM industry. I plan to complete my PMT certification asap. Resume available, please request from. jaco0819@gmail.com