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Positions Wanted Ads: 

Members of APMI International who are unemployed or work for the government can make known their availability for free. Ads must be 100 words or less, and will run for 8 weeks. 

For more information contact Dora Schember at (609) 452-7700

Positions Available



Positions Wanted

Senior Metallurgist – Conventional Powder Metallurgy – Metal Injection Molding – Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing

I have developed materials, processes, and equipment to produce over 2 billion components:
•       Atomization
•       Porous parts for liquid storage, heat transfer, filtration, and flow control on space flights 
•       Managed software development of simulation software for heat transfer and fluid flow
•       Developed alloys: Gradient cemented carbides, Tungsten heavy alloy, soft magnetic, martensitic stainless, titanium, carbon steels
•       Modified vacuum furnaces with capabilities not available from any manufacturer
•       Produced industry leading mechanical properties for Metal Injection Molding and Binder Jet

I am looking forward to the next challenge.

Tim McCabe