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Powder Metallurgy Pioneer Award

The Powder Metallurgy Pioneer Award recognizes outstanding individuals in all aspects of the broad fields of powder metallurgy who have been constructive in the pioneering development and advancement of the industry. By calling public attention to the importance of the work of the recipient of the Award, others will be encouraged to devote their talents and careers to the powder metallurgy industry.


Peter K. Jones 2004
Jerome F. Kuzmick 2000
P. Ulf Gummeson 1996
Kempton H. Roll 1992
Sven I. Hulthen 1988
Henry H. Hausner 1984
Fritz V. Lenel 1984
Gerhard Zapf 1980
Per Egon Gummeson 1976
Don O. Noel 1975
John Haller 1973
Burnie L. Benbow 1970
William D. Coolidge 1970
John S. Fisher 1969
Samuel K. Wellman 1969
Joseph E. Drapeau 1968
Virgil T. Price, Sr 1968
Lawrence H. Bailey 1966
Gerhard Naeser 1965
Gregory J. Comstock 1964
Everett J. Hall (posthumously) 1964
Andrew J. Langhammer 1962
Roland P. Koehring 1961


Eligibility and Qualifications (pdf)