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Howard I. Sanderow Outstanding Technical Paper Award

The Outstanding Technical Paper Award, renamed in honor of Howard I. Sanderow in 2009, was established in 1993 to recognize

  • authors of manuscripts for excellence in scientific and technical written communications from those papers presented and submitted for publication from MPIF's annual POWDERMET conference 
  • to enhance the quality of technology transfer in the PM literature by increasing the professional level of papers submitted for the annual technical conference 
  • to enhance and promote the science and technology which is fundamental to powder metallurgy products, processes and materials.


2023 Conference—Las Vegas

"Sustainable Alloy for Powder Metallurgy (PM) Structural Components" (pdf)
Roland T Warzel III, Amber Tims, Bo Hu, and Per-Olof Larsson

2022 Conference—Portland

"Joining of Two-Piece Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite (Al-MMC) Transmission Carrier via Friction Stir Welding" (pdf)
Logan Smith, Ian Donaldson and Michael Eff

2021 Conference—Orlando

"Mix Solution for High Green-Strength and Green Machining" (pdf)
Amber Tims, Roland Warzel, Bo Hu, Per Knutsson, Asa Ahlin, Angelica Hansen

2019 Conference—Phoenix

"The Support Effect and Its Impact on the Design of Complex-Shaped Sintered PM Parts" (pdf)
Markus Schnelder and Virgiliu A. Savu

2018 Conference—San Antonio

"Monitoring of Powder Homogeneity During Double-Cone Blending" (pdf)
Alex Wartenberg, Sierra Mirtes and Chris Schade, Hoeganaes Corporation, and Sarah Ackermann, CTherm Technologies Incorporated

2017 Conference—Las Vegas

"Deformation Processed Al/Al2Ca Nano-filamentary Composite Conductors" (pdf)
C. Czahor, T. Riedemann, A. Russell, I. E. Anderson, FAPMI

2016 Conference—Boston

"Consolidation of Aerospace-Grade Aluminum 7055 Powder via Sinter-Forge Processing" (pdf)
N.P. Kraus, D.P. Bishop, R.L. Hexemer, Jr., and I. W. Donaldson, FAPMI

2015 Conference—San Diego

"Liquid-Phase Diffusion Bonding: Temperature Effects and Solute Redistribution in High Temperature Lead-Free Composite Solders" (pdf)
S.M. Choquette and I.E. Anderson, FAPMI

2014 Conference—Orlando

"The Effect of Copper Precipitation on Mechanical Properties at Operating Temperature of the Materials Used to Manufacture Powder Forged Connecting Rods" (pdf)
Edmond Ilia

2013 Conference—Chicago

"The Influence of Silicon on the Mechanical Properties and Hardenability of PM Steels" (pdf)
Chris Schade, Tom Murphy, FAPMI, Alan Lawley, FAPMI, and Roger Doherty

2012 Conference—Nashville

"Characterization of the Formation of Nickel Rich Areas in PM Nickel Steel and Their Effect on Mechanical Properties" (pdf)
Bernard Tougas, Carl Blais, Maude Larouche, Francois Chagnon, and Sylvain Pelletier


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