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PM Self-Study Courses



Consisting of 30 segments, each averaging 60-minutes, this course provides a broad introduction to the fundamental principles of PM.  You will gain an understanding of basic science and engineering as it relates to the technology.

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FERROUS Powder Metallurgy Self-Study Course

The fundamental principles of processing ferrous PM materials utilizing various manufacturing processes is expanded upon in this 10-segment course, each averaging 60-minutes. Some market data is included. 

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MACHINABILITY Powder Metallurgy Self-Study Course

A strong technical emphasis on concepts to improve machinability addressing topics such as additives, cutting fluids, tool coatings, and economics are included in this 15-segment course, each averaging 30 minutes. 

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SINTERING Self-Study Course

The theory of sintering process and behavior for a wide variety of engineered PM materials metals, alloys, composites, carbides, intermetallics, etc. is included in this course, consisting of 16 segments, each averaging 60-minutes. 

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PIM (Powder Injection Molding) Virtual Tutorial

This 4-part, 6-hour video, provides a comprehensive foundation of the injection molding of metals (MIM), ceramics (CIM), and cemented carbides (CCIM) by one of the world’s most recognized experts.

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Check out our annual conference!

Just as the three rivers, come together at the confluence at Point State Park, the PM industry will come together to advance the technology through the all-inclusive technical program and wide-ranging trade exhibit.

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