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Metal Powder Industries Federation provides a variety of services to help strengthen the position of members within the powder metallurgy (PM) industry and promote the growth and welfare of the entire industry. These services include:

  • Statistics and survey data: Provides up-to-date information on the PM industry including industry statistics, raw material shipments, trends and new developments, and the annual PM Pulse Survey.
  • Technical standards: Material specifications (for components) and test method standards (for powders and components) relative to the needs that concern designers, end users as well as parts producers and material suppliers.
  • Economic Indicators & Industry Trends: A monthly report encompassing leading and lagging indicators for U.S. gross domestic product (GDP), automotive sales & production, agriculture and lawn & garden, aerospace, semiconductors, firearms, powder shipments, and U.S., Japanese, and European imports & exports.
  • Global Powder Metallurgy Property Database: Joint development and maintenance of this free online resource for comprehensive material property data for metal powder components that engineers and designers can use to generate data output compatible with their design package
  • Metallography Database: The Guide to PM Microstructures website assists PM parts manufacturers and the end-user community to interpret powder metallurgy microstructures.
  • Public relations and market development: media relations, institutional advertising to industry customers, trade show exhibiting, product/suppliers directories, and generating inquiries for member companies
  • Educational videos
  • Press releases
  • Courses and seminars
  • Publications & technical brochures
  • Management information: market and technical trends, industry acquisitions, technology and transfer agreements, and special statistics
  • Automotive Parts Catalog: In total, the catalog identifies over 300 individual automotive applications, with total parts exceeding 750.