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Welcome to the MPIF Guide to PM Microstructures!


The goal of this website is to assist PM parts manufacturers and the end user community to interpret powder metallurgy (PM) microstructures. It will help build appreciation of what a powerful tool metallography can be when:

  • engineering new components;
  • designing new materials;
  • in solving various types of quality problems;
  • and as a most effective means for quality control.

The user will be able to reference materials processed by conventional sintering; elevated temperature sintering; accelerated cooling rates; etc. to determine phase and structures of the materials. Specimen preparation and proper selection of etchants is also covered.

Disclaimer: The contents of this website are intended to be used as a reference for educational and/or comparison purposes. No position should be taken by the user with respect to the validity of the contents of the website. For verification, the user should seek the opinion of a certified laboratory. Neither MPIF nor any of its members assumes or accepts any liability resulting from the use of this website.

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