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Special Interest Program



Title: Design Properties for PM Components

Program Organizers: Roger Lawcock, FAPMI, Stackpole International, Chantal Labrecque, Rio Tinto Metal Powders, Virendra Warke, Entegris Inc.


Recent global focus on digital design initiatives has revealed the need for a broader range of PM material design properties. The overall goal of the digital design advancement is to reduce product development lead-times and to reduce the extent of costly product verification by physical testing.

Design software packages have become increasingly more powerful but the extent of their application is dependent on the availability of appropriate material properties. The required material property input data set often consist of more parameters than those that are usually listed in material characterization standards. Material properties required can be varied as a function of the mode of analysis, for example fatigue analyses based on stress or strain methods or the prediction of static strength.

In this Special Interest Program aspects of PM component design will be reviewed with perspectives on material properties, test methods and design concepts.


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Title: Tungsten, Refractory & Hardmaterials Program

Program Organizer: John Johnson, FAPMI, Novamet/Ultra Fine Specialty Products, Animesh Bose, FAPMI, Desktop Metal, Mike Stawovy, H. C. Starck Solutions, Thomas Jewett, Global Tungsten & Powders Corporation


Presentations will showcase numerous developments that have taken place in refractory metal applications via additive manufacturing (3D printing) using refractory metals and alloys, and their carbides.


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Title: Aerospace

Program Organizers: Thomas Pelletiers, FAPMI, Kymera International, Francisco Median, University of Texas at El Paso, James Sears, Amaero Additive Manufacturing



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