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On or Before
May 5
May 5

FULL CONFERENCE REGISTRATION Includes Opening Night Reception, Opening General Session, PowderMet/AMPM technical sessions, two luncheons, exhibit, PM Evening Alehouse Reception, Closing Event, PowderMet/AMPM digital proceedings, and registration materials. * All fees in US dollars.

MPIF-Member/APMI Member        $1,875        $1,975        $2,125
MPIF-Member/APMI Member (Speakers/Session Chairs)        $1,775        $1,975        $2,125
Non-Member        $2,075        $2,175        $2,325
Non-Member (Speakers/Session Chairs)        $1,975        $2,175        $2,325

Government Rate (Subject to approval)
Includes Opening General Session, PowderMet/AMPM technical sessions, PM Evening Alehouse Reception, exhibit, PowderMet/AMPM Digital Proceedings, and registration materials.

       $1,200        $1,300        $1,400
Exhibitor Package #1
Includes Opening Night Reception, Opening General Session plus two technical sessions, two luncheons, exhibit, PM Evening Alehouse Reception, Closing Event, and registration materials.


        $1,000         $1,025

Exhibitor Package #2
Includes Opening General Session, two luncheons, exhibit, PM Evening Alehouse Reception, and registration materials.
** Closing Event available for purchase separately.

          $475           $500           $525
Spouse Registration
Includes Opening Night Reception, PM Evening Alehouse Reception, and Closing Event  
          $500           $525           $550
Student Registration
Full-Time Students Only

Includes Opening General Session, PowderMet/AMPM technical sessions, exhibit, PM Evening Alehouse Reception, two luncheons, PowderMet/AMPM Digital Proceedings, and registration materials.
**Opening Reception and Closing Event available for purchase separately.

          $300           $350           $400
Daily Registration 

Includes PowderMet/AMPM technical sessions and exhibit only, plus registration materials.
**Purchase meals and/or proceedings separately.

One-Day Pass


         $1,000          $1,050
Two-Day Pass          $1,900          $1,950          $2,000
Exhibit-Only Admission 

Free to qualified PM parts manufacturers only. Exhibit is included with full or daily packages above.

A qualified PM parts maker includes individuals from companies that manufacture parts/components by the consolidation of metal powders, or other particulate materials, utilizing processes recognized by MPIF.

Request an Exhibit-Only Admission

PowderMet2023 or AMPM2023 Digital Proceedings
Proceedings of Advances in Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials and Advances in Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy - 2023 (Included with full-conference and student registration, cost for additional copies)

       $750        $750        $750
Meal Tickets
(Meals are available only to full conference registrants, spouses, students, and exhibitor personnel.)
Sunday: Opening Night Reception        $200        $210        $225
Monday: Luncheon        $150        $155        $165
Tuesday: Luncheon        $150        $155        $165
Tuesday: Closing Event        $400        $410        $425
APMI Golf Tournament (Sunday)  
Tournament Fee        $140     $140     $140
Club Rental           $50        $50        $50





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