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Carbide Forum



Tungsten-carbide (WC) based materials provide unique combinations of hardness, strength, and toughness for a wide variety of wear applications. This four-session forum will provide an overview of WC, its alloy grades, their properties and applications, and their methods of manufacturing. As part of an overview session, methods of characterizing the microstructure and properties of cemented carbides will be discussed along with methods of producing WC grade powder. A WC alloy design session will review the reasons for selecting different alloy grades for specific applications and the latest developments in grades not based on cobalt. Two sessions on manufacturing processes will cover pressing, sintering, additive manufacturing, and recycling.

Program Organizers: 

Eric Reinert, Bronson & Bratton, Inc. Michael Stawovy, Elmet Technologies, Thomas Jewett, Global Tungsten Powders, John Johnson, FAPMI, Novamet/Ultra Fine Specialty Metals,  Animesh Bose, Optimus Alloys


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