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Metal Powder Industries Federation Elects New Officers

MPIF installed new presidents at the conclusion of the 2023 PM Management Summit and 79th Annual MPIF Business Meeting.

New MPIF President Michael Stucky. MPIF Executive Director/CEO James Adams presents the Crystal Award to Past President Rodney Brennen.

Michael Stucky, Business Unit Director, Norwood Medical, Bellbrook, Ohio, has been elected the 32nd president of the Metal Powder Industries Federation, succeeding Rodney Brennen, Metco Industries, Inc., St. Marys, Pennsylvania. His two-year term began at the conclusion of the Federation’s 79th annual MPIF Business Meeting, October 28–30, in Louisville, Kentucky.

This Moon Rover Wheel Could be 3D Printed on the Moon

Weight is everything. Every gram counts on launch day. But, what about reducing weight on launch day by additive manufacturing what you need on the Moon with its resources, such as lunar regolith? The lunar regolith is made up of rock chips, mineral fragments, impact and volcanic glasses, and agglutinates found on the Moon.

A New Approach to Fusion Power Plant Materials

MIT PhD student Alexander O’Brien is working to deliver the next generation of fusion devices through research on additive manufacturing of metal-ceramic composites. “After years of knowing I wanted to work in green energy, but not knowing what that looked like, I very quickly fell in love with nuclear engineering.”  

Caltech Develops Nanoscale Metal Additive Manufacturing

A nanoscale lattice prepared using a new technique developed by the lab of Julia R. Greer.

Last year, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, California, researchers revealed that they had developed a new fabrication technique for printing microsized metal parts containing features about as thick as three or four sheets of paper. Now, the team has reinvented the technique to allow for printing objects a thousand times smaller: 150 nanometers. These parts can be three-to-five-times stronger than similarly sized structures with more orderly atomic arrangements.

LLNL, University of California Partner for AI-driven AM Research

University of California (UC), Berkeley, California, announced mechanical engineering faculty Grace Gu was selected as the inaugural recipient of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, California, Early Career UC Faculty Initiative for her proposal, " Toward AI-Driven Additive Manufacturing for Metal-Ceramic Composite Structures."