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Global PM Community Meets

MPIF President Rodney Brennen, Metco Industries, Inc., provides the State of the North American PM Industry report at the WorldPM2022 Congress.

After 4 long years, the global PM community was able to meet at the WorldPM2022 Congress in Lyon, France. Organized by the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA), the World Congress attracted over 1,000 professionals from 56 countries. Delegates were pleased to have their first face-to-face World Congress since WorldPM2018 in Beijing. The MPIF WorldPM2020 was cancelled dues to the COVID-19 pandemic. WorldPM2024, October 14-17, 2024, in Yokohama, Japan, will be organized by the Asian Powder Metallurgy Association (APMA) and Japan Powder Metallurgy Association (JPMA).

PM Flashback

Volume 11, No. 9 - October 1982


Hoeganaes Expands R & D Muscle 
Greenback Strengthens P/M Commitment 
Pyron Sales Dip
Name Change for Glidden Metals
New High Strength RST Alloy
Microprocessor Balances Aid Weighing
Alcan Closes Secondary Casting Alloy Production
ASEA Offers HIP Unit for Laboratory and Pilot Plant Production
Moly Wound Furnaces for High Temperature Applications
P/M Magnetic Materials Short Course
World Congress on Hard Metals
Metal Matrix Composites Conference
MPIF Associations Elect New Presidents
APMI Membership Drive
October Journal Sheds Light on International Developments
MPIF Issues Membership List
P/M '84 Program Committee Selected
Technical Board Considers Literature Service
MPIF/APMI To Computerize
People in the News
Dates to Remember

Researchers Share 3D-Printing of 17-4 PH Stainless Steels

A microscopic image of 3D-printed 17-4 stainless steel. The colors in the left-side version of the image represent the differing orientations of crystals within the alloy. 

For airliners, cargo ships, nuclear power plants and other critical technologies, strength and durability are essential. Therefore, many contain a remarkably strong and corrosion-resistant alloy called 17-4 precipitation hardening (PH) stainless steel. A team of researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Argonne National Laboratory has identified particular 17-4 steel compositions that, when printed, match the properties of the conventionally manufactured version. The researchers’ strategy is based on high-speed data about the printing process they obtained using high-energy X-rays from a particle accelerator. 

2022 Metal AM Outstanding Technical Paper Award

The 2022 Metal AM Outstanding Technical Paper Award has been selected, and this year's winning paper is "Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of FSLA Steel Produced by the Binder Jet Process” by Chris Schade, Tom Murphy, and Kerri Horvay, Hoeganaes Corporation. The paper was selected from among the highly qualified manuscripts that were presented at the AMPM2022 conference in Portland and critically evaluated for the prestigious award.

Boeing Launches Two Hypersonics Challenge Projects with LIFT, DOD

LIFT, the Detroit, Michigan-based Department of Defense manufacturing innovation institute, along with the Department of Defense (DOD), have launched two projects led by Boeing as part of the ongoing Hypersonics Challenge led by the institute, focusing on powder metallurgy refractory metal matrix composites and in-situ monitoring development for hypersonic systems.