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Technical Sessions



Vehicle Electrification: PM Opportunities

Program Organizers:
Chantal Labrecque, Rio Tinto Metal Powders
Bruce Lindsley, Hoeganaes Corporation
Roland T. Warzel III, North American Höganäs Co.

Electrification in the automotive industry has the potential to be a major disruption or opportunity for the powder metallurgy (PM) industry. While the transition from the internal combustion engine (ICE) to battery electric vehicles (BEV) would eliminate many traditional PM applications in the engine and transmissions, numerous opportunities exist using PM soft magnetic composite (SMC) technology. This SIP will provide an update on the current state of SMC technology and electrification trends, SMC material properties, transmission evolution, E-motors and design and alternative approaches to SMC manufacturing.


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Strategies for Sustainability

Program Organizer:
Aamir Abid, Retech Systems LLC

The demand for increased productivity and cost-effectiveness is a constant pressure. There is more to building a successful business than just finding the most efficient processes – the technology needs to be sustainable.  The objective of this SIP is to encourage collaborative thinking on topics related to the powder metallurgy (PM) industry, including sustainability management, carbon reduction strategies, pollution prevention, and sustainability measurement guidelines, assessment, and reporting. Examples of sustainability projects will be provided for discussion.


SIP 2-1          SIP 2-2



Computational Alloy Design for PM

Program Organizers:
Sudarsanam Babu, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Animesh Bose, FAPMI, Desktop Metals
John Johnson, FAPMI, Novamet/Ultra Fine Specialty Products
Tom Pelletiers, FAPMI, Kymera International

Computer modelling of systems across all scales from the Nano scale to the truly Macro scale continues to grow in use and complexity.  Utilization of these continually changing technologies for Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) has become an important method of designing new materials.  This SIP will investigate and illustrate the many uses of current ICME techniques as new materials are designed for the PM industry.


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