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Congratulations to the PowderMet2022/AMPM2022

Poster Award Winners !!!


Outstanding Poster Award


217 -  Ms. Gabrielle Laramée, Université Laval -  Metallographic Characterization of Liquid Phase Sintered PM Steels Using Artificial Intelligence

Co-Authors:   Gabrielle Laramée, Simon Gélinas, Carl Blais

Poster of Merit Award


171 – Mr. Oliver W. Hesmondhalgh, Colorado School of Mines - In-situ Visualization of Microstructure Evolution in Metallic Alloys Under Additive Manufacturing Conditions

Co-Authors:  Amy Clarke, Joe McKeown, Alain Karma

179 - Ms. Emma Cockburn, Iowa State University - Development of Oxygen Additions for Design of Gas Atomization Reaction Synthesis Processing of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys

Co-Authors – Iver A. Anderson, Trevor M. Reidemann, Jordan A. Tiarks and Ralph Napolitano

181 – Ms. Emily Rinko, Iowa State University,  Impact of a Bi-Modal Distribution of Abnormal Grain Growth in Powder-Based Alnico Magnets

Co-Authors – Landon M. Hickman, Nicolas Argibay, Iver A. Anderson





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