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LAM 2018 Conference Concludes

The Laser Institute of America (LIA) held their 10th Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM) conference from March 27 to March 28, 2018, in Schaumburg, Illinois. This year’s successful conference focused on when, where, and how to use laser AM including design, materials, modelling, and manufacturing applications, and featured three keynote speakers:

Revolutionizing Titanium Production

The Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), UK, may have revolutionized titanium production by reducing the 40-stage process down to just two steps and potentially halving the production cost. Titanium is as strong as steel and half the weight—but around ten times the cost. It is notoriously difficult and expensive to make which limits its wider use.

Metal AM Used to Create Metallic Glass in Bulk

According to NC State News, researchers have now demonstrated the ability to create amorphous metal, or metallic glass, alloys on large scales using metal additive manufacturing technology, opening the door to a variety of applications—such as more efficient electric motors, better wear-resistant materials, higher strength materials, and lighter weight structures.

Basic PM Short Course Registration Opens

A powder metallurgy (PM) industry highlight, the annual Basic PM Short Course returns this summer to bring together those new to the PM industry and employees seeking to enhance their depth of PM knowledge and advance their careers. Held at Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, State College, Pennsylvania, this intensive three-day course will run from August 13 through August 15, 2018.

CPMT Announces Axel Madsen Conference Grant Recipients

The Center for Powder Metallurgy (CPMT) is proud to announce the 2018 CPMT/Axel Madsen Conference Grant recipients for POWDERMET2018 & AMPM2018, June 17–20 in San Antonio. Each grant recipient will receive $1,500 to attend the full conferences and offset travel and lodging. The recipients are: James Adye, Dalhousie University; Katrina Johnston, Drexel University; Adam Mihalko, Gannon University; and Justin Plante, Laval University.