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CPMT Announces Axel Madsen Conference Grant Recipients

Center for Powder Metallurgy LogoThe Center for Powder Metallurgy (CPMT) is proud to announce the 2018 CPMT/Axel Madsen Conference Grant recipients for POWDERMET2018 & AMPM2018, June 17–20 in San Antonio. Each grant recipient will receive $1,500 to attend the full conferences and offset travel and lodging. The recipients are: James Adye, Dalhousie University; Katrina Johnston, Drexel University; Adam Mihalko, Gannon University; and Justin Plante, Laval University.

Soon, solicitation letters will be sent out to several universities to identify recipients of the 2018/2019 scholarships. The universities currently funded are Dalhousie University, Drexel University, Iowa State University, Lehigh University, Penn State DuBois, and the University of Utah.

Since its inception as a “non-profit, cooperative technology foundation,” CPMT has been advancing PM technology through the collaborative research efforts of its member organizations: end-users, parts fabricators, powder producers, and equipment & service providers. In addition, CPMT provides funding to academic institutions and students to help meet the industry’s need for scientifically trained personnel.

CPMT is currently funding several projects. For example, the strain-controlled fatigue program, also known as low-cycle fatigue (LCF), is jointly funded with the MPIF Standards program to expedite data collection. Each year, approximately four materials (and/or conditions) are funded with the resulting data shared with the CPMT membership, and subsequently included in Std. 35. Requested by product designers, this data is preferred for finite element analysis and modeling. CPMT members have been privileged to receive the first look at LCF data for FN-0205, FLN2-4405, FL-4405, FLN2-4405, FL-5305, FC-0208, FLC-4208, FLNC4408, FLC-4608, and aluminum alloy AC-2014. Other ongoing programs include: die-wall lubrication for warm-tooling compaction; resonant acoustical mixing; rust prevention during transit & storage; and PM gear tooth impact testing.

CPMT presently has 49 members and typically has over 65% of its membership represented at its meetings. It holds two meetings per year, typically April and October, and features project updates and guest speakers. Annual dues are $1,700.

If you are interested in learning more about CPMT and its programs, contact Jim Adams, Metal Powder Industries Federation

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