Current Project Information

CPMT is presently involved in the following projects:

Fatigue Testing

This project will investigate of strain-controlled, low-cycle axial fatigue response of steel and aluminum PM steel materials and process conditions. The building of data for use with comprehensive design tools for fatigue performance is expected to continue for several years.

Resonant Acoustical Mixing

A variety of high performance mixes will be prepared using acoustical mixing technology. Samples will be evaluated and compared with traditional mixing techniques. Compacted test specimens will be evaluated in the green and sintered condition for improved microstructural uniformity and mechanical properties.

Sinter Hardening Improvement

Different sintering tray/plate materials will be evaluated to compare microstructure and dimensional stability of PM parts during the sinter hardening process. The plate materials will be ceramic vs. carbon/carbon fiber. Dependent upon outcome, a second test program to review resulting microstructures may be considered.

Shot Peen Gear Performance

Investigation of shot peening (normal and micro-peening) on the gear performance of high density PM gears will include effects on residual stress, microstructure, density, dimensions and surface finish, and gear test performance.

Die-Wall Lubrication for Warm-Tooling Compaction

This project will investigate the advances in die-wall lubrication techniques for warm-tooling compaction. Compaction behavior, including ejection forces, compaction forces, processing rate and any wear of damage on the tools will be investigated. Parts will be evaluated for dimensional consistency, green density, density gradients, green strength and staining.