Excellence in Metallography Award

The APMI "Excellence in Metallography Award" was created in order to recognize the individual(s) responsible for metallography used to support and provide evidence for the ideas set forth in a conference technical paper.

Any MPIF/APMI annual conference author(s) submitting a publishable manuscript is eligible for consideration.

Read the full competition details here. (pdf)


2016—Boston: "Enhanced Powder-Processed Alnico Magnets By Thermal Gradient Control"
Emma M.H. White, Aaron G. Kassen, Kevin W. Dennis, Andriy Palasyuk, R. William McCallum, and Iver E. Anderson, FAPMI

2015—San Diego: "Evolution of Strain-Induced Precipitates in a Molybdenum-Base Mo-Hf-C Alloy"
David Lang, Jürgen Schatte, Wolfram Knabl, Roland Dallinger, Helmut Clemens and Sophie Primig

2014—Orlando: "Diffusion Behavior and Microstructural Transformations in PM Steels Containing Silicon"
Thomas F. Murphy, FAPMI, Chris Schade, Alan Lawley, FAPMI, and Roger Doherty

2013—Chicago: "A Metallographic Examination into Fatigue-Crack Initiation and Growth in Ferrous PM Materials"
Thomas F. Murphy, FAPMI, Bruce A. Lindsley, and Christopher T.Schade

2012—Nashville: "Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of PM Steels Alloyed with Silicon and Vanadium"
Chris Schade, Tom Murphy, FAPMI, Alan Lawley, FAPMI, and Roger Doherty

2011—San Francisco: "Copper Strengthening of PM Steel Parts"
Fabrice Bernier, Maxime Gauthier, Philippe Plamondon, and Gilles L'Espérance, FAPMI

2010—Ft. Lauderdale: "Gas-Atomized Chemical Reservoir ODS Ferritic Stainless Steels"
Joel R. Rieken, Iver E. Anderson, FAPMI, and Matthew J. Kramer

2009—Las Vegas: "The Use of Metallography to Identify Common Problems in PM Steels"
Thomas F. Murphy, FAPMI