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Advancing PM

Advances in Powder Metallurgy
& Particulate Materials—2013

Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials,
24–27, Chicago, Illinois

Contains 98 technical papers encompassing over 1,100 pages in a fully searchable CD-ROM in a format that preserves the original color in all figures

MPIF, 2013     ISBN: 978-0-9853397-3-9       Item #2013CD

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Standard 35,
Materials Standards
for PM Structural Parts—
2012 Edition

Newly Revised and Expanded

Standard 35, Materials Standards for PM Structural Parts—2012 Edition, the most recent version of the standard, has been revised and expanded. Developed by the powder metallurgy (PM) commercial parts manufacturing industry, each section of the standard is clearly distinguished by easy-to-read data tables and explanatory information for each material listed. Detailed explanatory notes and definitions, along with data cited in both Inch–Pound and SI units, help to make the standard more “user friendly.”

This standard provides the design and materials engineer with the latest engineering property data and information available in order to specify materials for structural parts made by the PM process. Make sure that your quality assurance/laboratory staff and your sales and marketing personnel/representatives have the latest edition of this standard. Order enough for your own company use and for free distribution to your existing and potential customers. Keep a supply handy for future trade shows, plant visits, etc.

Please note that publication of the 2012 Edition of this standard renders the 2009 Edition (and prior editions) obsolete. Previous editions should no longer be distributed but destroyed.

The 2012 Edition contains:

• NEW Materials & Mechanical Property Data

  Prealloyed Steel
  FL-5108, as-sintered

  Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel
  FLN2-3905, as-sintered and heat treated

  Diffusion-Alloyed Steel
  FD-0105, as-sintered and heat treated

  400 Series Stainless Steel – as-sintered

• Other NEW or REVISED Data

  Soft Magnetic Alloys
  Fatigue limit values for the FY-4500 material

  Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel
  FLN4-4405, heat treated: revised minimum and ultimate strength values

  400 Series Stainless Steel
  Revisions to chemical composition table for the SS-409L, -409LE and -434LCb materials

• NEW or REVISED Engineering Information

  Hardenability (Jominy) Data
  New - Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel: FLN2-3905
  New - Diffusion-Alloyed Steel: FD-0105
  New - Austenitizing Temperature Information (Key) for all materials listed

  Strain-Controlled Fatigue – New Section
  Information & Data

  Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
  New - CT-1000 data

• NEW & REVISED verbiage throughout the standard
  Explanatory Notes & Definitions section now includes a listing of MPIF test method standards referenced in the
  document along with providing historical (pre-1984) information on Obsolete Suffix Codes for Density.

• Updated Index
  Alphabetical Listing & Guide to Material Systems & Designation Codes Used in the family of MPIF Standard 35

This standard is a must-have document for every engineering professional.

MPIF, 96 pages, 2012     ISBN: 978-0-9853397-1-5
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PM Condensed
Distilled from: Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials Processing

By industry expert and author Randall M. German

Based on the popular CliffsNotes concept, PM Condensed provides a synopsis of the textbook Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials Processing. The full-color 3-column layout is a great primer for those new to PM or seasoned professionals who require a quick refresher.

Item # 5045, 32 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, color, softcover, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9853397-0-8

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The new International Powder Metallurgy Directory 15th Edition, 2012–2013

PM’s leading reference source for 35 years...
The International Powder Metallurgy Directory (IPMD) is an essential reference publication for anyone involved in the global PM industry. The directory not only contains details of nearly 5000 companies involved in PM, but also includes more than 190 pages of PM market and technology information.

The 15th Edition IPMD is the most comprehensive guide ever published to both PM component producers and industry suppliers worldwide.

What does the directory include?
The IPMD directory is the most comprehensive guide available to companies involved in the PM industry, listing not only industry suppliers but also all known parts and product producers. Some 200 product codes are used to identify each company’s specific area of activity.

The IPMD is an indispensable tool for those involved in PM, for end-users and industry analysts. Listed below are the main product categories included in the IPMD:

  • Sintered structural parts

  • MIM / CIM Special PM

  • alloys

  • Magnetic/electrical parts

  • Cemented carbides

  • Diamond tools

  • Heavy metals

  • Friction materials

  • Bearings

  • Sintered filters

  • Foam structures

  • Powder production

  • Mixing and milling

  • Powder presses

  • Compacting tools

  • Sintering furnaces

  • Atmospheres/generators

  • Finishing

  • Processes/coatings

  • Automation

  • Testing and analysis

  • Iron and steel (including stainless)

  • Non-ferrous

  • Refractory metals

  • Carbide and ceramic

  • Magnetic

  • Ultrafine/nanocrystalline

  • Hardfacing

  • Pressing lubricants

Plus trade associations, research centres, universities and consultants.  

Inovar Communications Ltd, A4, Soft cover, 648 pages
Purchase includes 12 months free access to the IPMD’s searchable on-line database from date of publication.
ISBN 978-0-9558223-2-2

Item #9032
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PM and MIM: Touching Your Life
A DVD showcasing the capabilities of metal injection molding (MIM)

PM and MIM: Touching Your Life, a new video showcasing the capabilities of metal injection molding (MIM) as one of the fabrication technologies known collectively as powder metallurgy (PM), is available for purchase in DVD format.

The 15-minute program, aimed at potential end users who may not be familiar with PM and MIM, is built on the theme, "Every day, in some way, PM and MIM touch your life." It is divided into two distinct parts: Part One introduces the viewer to powder metallurgy in general using dozens of examples of actual components to illustrate the part-forming technologies’ benefits, with particular emphasis on their contributions to the concept of sustainability; Part Two deals specifically with the metal injection molding process, providing design engineers with all the facts needed to understand why, if they’re designing an intricate metal part, they should think of MIM from the start.

MIM fabricators should find the video an indispensable tool with which to equip their sales and marketing personnel. It is an ideal vehicle to use as a seminar introductory piece. What’s more, companies involved in any aspect of PM and MIM can use it to orient all employees, as it quickly stimulates an appreciation of the value they bring to customers’ products. For complete flexibility of use, Parts One and Two can be accessed independently with a simple click from the opening menu. The new program was produced by MPIF with funding provided by the Metal Injection Molding Association.

MPIF, 2012
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Standard Test Methods for Metal Powders and Powder Metallurgy Products, 2012 Edition

The 2012 edition contains new and revised information in the following:

NEW Standards
Std. 67—Guide to Sample Preparation for the Chemical Analysis of the Metallic Elements in PM Materials

Std. 68—Guide to Temperature Profiling a Continuous Mesh-Belt Sintering Furnace

Std. 69—Guide for the Determination of the Porosity in Powder Metallurgy Products Using Automated Image Analysis

REVISED Standards
65% (26 standards) of the standarized test methods were reviewed and updated.
7 standards contain new or updated Precision Statements.


MPIF, softcover, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9819496-8-0

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