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New MPIF Standard 35— Materials Standards for PM Structural Parts Released

The 2020 edition of MPIF Standard 35—Materials Standards for PM Structural Parts has been released. This Standard is a must-have document and provides the design and materials engineer with the latest engineering property data and information available to specify materials for structural parts made using the PM process.

Each user-friendly section of the Standard is clearly distinguished by easy-to-read data tables (Inch-Pound and SI units) and provides explanatory information for each material listed. 

Revised and expanded, this standard was developed by the powder metallurgy commercial parts manufacturing industry and includes new data on Sinter-Hardened Steel FLC2-4208 and Iron-Copper and Copper steel FC-0205-42 & FC-0208-53, as well as new Engineering Information for aluminum axial fatigue and thermal conductivity.

This standard does not apply to materials for PM self-lubricating bearings (SLB), powder forged (PF) or metal injection molded (MIM) products which are covered in separate editions of MPIF Standard 35.

Visit the MPIF website’s Publication Portal to purchase your copy today. 

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Editor's Note: For further information contact Dora Schember at dschember@mpif.org or 
(609) 452-7700. 

About the Metal Powder Industries Federation Metal Powder Industries Federation is the North American trade association formed by the powder metallurgy industry to advance the interests of the metal powder producing and consuming industries and provides a single point of reference for all MPIF member companies.

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