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Metal AM Chest Implant Saves Cancer Patient’s Life

An additive manufactured (AM) titanium implant was used to reconstruct a cancer patient’s entire chest bone and ribs by a hospital in India. The reconstructive sternum and ribs surgery assured the patient would not be dependent on medical ventilation for the rest of his life. 

“Advanced technology can be used nowadays to offer treatment in complicated cancer cases, which otherwise is thought to be incurable by many,” said Dr. Somashekhar, Chairman and HOD – Surgical Oncology at Manipal Hospitals.

Prior to surgery, the surgeons took CT scans of the affected area to create a personalized 3D model of the required implant, which was then additive manufactured with titanium.

“The entire chest bone and the costosternal junction was printed with titanium powder and liquid titanium and a new titanium chest bone was formed, custom-made for this patient according to his size, height, weight, and the portion of the skeleton to be removed,” explained Someshekhar. “Multiple meetings were held with the company technologists, engineers and Manipal oncology surgery and plastic surgery team for the same.”


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