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MIM2021 Keynote Presenter Cobra Golf Sees Demand for 3D Printed Golf Clubs

The KING Supersport-35, a stainless steel Cobra putter printed on an HP Metal Jet sold out the bulk of its limited production run of just under 1000 units in 36 hours.  
With the layer-by-layer manufacturing process of 3D printing, they can create super intricate lattice structures with highly complex geometries to reducing weight and allowing for optimal weight distribution.

“If you have more discretionary mass, you can put it where you really want to put it which can give you better impact characteristics and better forgiveness characteristics because you are moving the path of mass where you really need it,” says Mike Yagley, Cobra’s vice president of innovation.

“In many places on a golf clubhead you don’t need a totally solid structure. So, if you print or somehow fabricate one that has a lattice structure, it gives you plenty of integrity, the sound you need, the feel you need—whatever you need that object to do—it just weighs less.”

There is a 3D printed nylon badge on the back of Cobra Golf's new RadSpeed irons

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