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Automotive Parts Catalog

Automotive CatalogThe Powder Metallurgy Automotive Parts Catalog represents the results of an ambitious industry-wide study to account for every known automotive part made by the PM process. The catalog is divided among three main categories or vehicle areas: Engine, Transmission/ Transfer Case, and Body/Chassis. In total, the catalog identifies over 300 individual automotive applications, with total parts exceeding 750. Since the survey results are not final, these totals are undoubtedly on the conservative side, with more applications still to be identified. Some estimates suggest the ultimate number may be closer to 1,000 or more parts. The study is a living document and will be updated on an ongoing basis as new applications are identified.

The study was conducted over a two-year period (2007–08) by MPIF under the auspices of both the MPIF Technical Board and MPIF Industry Development Board. Its objective was to help increase the utilization of PM within the automotive industry.

View the automotive parts catalog in its entirety or view the downloadable version of all known automotive parts made by the PM process.

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