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Powder Metallurgy: A Green Technology

Being sustainable is a way of life and—for many of us in the powder metallurgy industry—being green is now a way of doing business.

Green TechnologyThe net-shape capability of powder metallurgy is the primary advantage in the process, but there is also no waste in the shaping of parts.

Learn how powder metallurgy is a sustainable metal-forming manufacturing method by reviewing the resources below.

Sustainable Manufacturing Within the Powder Metallurgy Industry (pdf)

Powder Metallurgy Instrinsically Sustainable (pdf)

The Sustainability Continuum

The Sustainability Continuum Powder metallurgy is a recognized "green" technology. Fabricators of PM components find themselves ideally positioned within the Sustainability Continuum—the unbroken series of links connecting every part of the production "food chain," beginning with the most vital link: the consumer. The metal-forming technology PM fabricators boast of is a more sustainable process than competing forming technologies on several levels. But beyond a sustainable fabrication process, what PM companies can offer their customers are the means to make THEIR processes and THEIR end products more sustainable.

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