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Encore of 2021 Powder Metallurgy Machinability Seminar


Powder Metallurgy Machining

September 26-29, 2022

Encore of 2021 Virtual Event

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Machining is a value-added process that continues to evolve with new machinability additives for powders, cutting tools and techniques. This PM Machinability Seminar is an encore of the virtual presentation held last year to address these exciting advancements.




Learn from industry experts about:

  • Fundamental knowledge of machining and tooling
  • An end-user’s view of suppliers’ machining capabilities
  • About additives and machinability
  • How to improve machinability
  • How to select the right cutting fluid & economics of tool choice
  • How coatings can reduce tool wear
  • The impact PM material morphology has on machining
  • Numerous case studies


Program Co-Chairmen: 

Carl Blais, Laval University

Thorsten Upmeier, Federal-Mogul Burscheid GmbH


This seminar contains nearly 14 hours of technical content,.

MPIF member $550
APMI member $650
Non-member $750


Discounts are available for multiple registrations from the same organization. For every two list price registrations your organization will receive one FREE registration! To take advantage of this cost savings registrations must be made through our registration department by contacting Stephanie Schember, 609-452-7700 ext 114.

No Camera

Restrictions on Recording. No photography, or audio or video recording of presentations is permitted.


This seminar contains nearly 14 hours of technical content.


Machining of PM Materials – Why is it « different » from a Metallurgical Point of View
Carl Blais, Laval University

An Overview of Machining PM Materials— “Read the Process”
Thorsten Upmeier, Federal-Mogul Burscheid GmbH

PM Material Systems and Machinability
Roland Warzel III, North American Höganäs

Machinability of PM Steels: Machining Aids and Microstructures
Neal Kraus, Hoeganaes Corporation

Modern Tools and Techniques for Machining PM Materials
Don Graham, Seco Tools, LLC

Methods for Evaluating Machinability on PM parts
John Engquist, FAPMI, JENS Solutions LLC

Machining Metal AM Parts: What's Old, What's New?
Prof. Edward De Meter, The Pennsylvania State University, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Machinability of Ferrous PM Materials: Microstructure Effect on Machinability
W. Brian James, FAPMI, PMtech

An Edgy, Cutting Edge View of the Cutting Edge Design of PcBN and PCD Tools
Bill Shaffer, Conicity Technologies

Innovative Use of Statistics and Design of Experiments for PM Machining Optimization.
Thorsten Upmeier, Federal-Mogul Burscheid GmbH

General Principles to Design & Build a Cutting Tool (Reamers)
Gary McCarel, Star-SU / Star Cutter Company Tom Schulte, Star-SU / Star Cutter Company

Abrasive Form Grinding – The perfect Pairing of Precision and Aggression
Matthew Brown, Advanced Automotive Grinding
Resin Impregnation for Improved Machinability of PM Parts
John Halladay, Godfrey & Wing Inc. 

The Science of Why Ferrous Materials Containing MnS Rust after Sintering
Craig Stringer, Atlas Pressed Metals

Proactive Use of PCBN Tools for PM Machining
Brett Young, Shape-Master Tool Company



Registration Fee includes:

Seminar registration includes over $100 of e-publications related to Machining & Machinability of PM Components along with a Certificate of Seminar completion. Links to e-publications will be sent prior to the start of the seminar.  This seminar contains nearly 14 hours of technical content.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be provided for cancellations. 

How to watch videos

Once you've registered (with the button at the top of this page), you will be enrolled in the course and will receive an email confirmation within 24 business hours of registration.  Closer to the seminar date, you will receive another email from GoToWebinar with the link to view the videos.

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