MIM2019 International Conference on Injection Molding of Metals, Ceramics and Carbides

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International Conference on Injection Molding of Metals, Ceramics and Carbides

Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista • Orlando, Florida • February 25–27, 2019


Innovation is responsible for the rapid growth of the powder injection molding industry (metal injection molding, ceramic injection molding, and cemented carbide injection molding), a nearly $2 billion advanced manufacturing industry. This conference will provide a venue for the latest technology transfer.



Powder Injection Molding Tutorial

Monday, February 25
Conducted by: Randall M. German, FAPMI
Professor Emeritus, San Diego State University
This course will provide a basis for determining options, uses, properties, applications, and opportunities for cost-effective PIM manufacturing. Individuals who will benefit from the tutorial include engineers, business managers, procurement managers, component designers, and technicians. This course is a must for consumers of PIM components and organizations that are exploring the opportunities associated with developing their own PIM manufacturing facilities. Registrants will receive the publication Metal Injection Molding—A Comprehensive MIM Design Guide.

Conference Chairmen

Lane H Donoho, PMTII
Advanced Metalworking Practices, LLC

Tom Pelletiers
Kymera International

Manufacturing Innovations

  • Part Design 
  • Tooling 
  • Molding 
  • Debinding 
  • Sintering

Material Advancements

  • Metals & alloys
  • Ceramics
  • Hardmaterials

Targeted Audience

  • Product Designers
  • Engineers
  • End users
  • Manufacturers 
  • Researchers
  • Students