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Additional Technical Programming

PM Industry Trends: Management Economic Indicators

All MPIF members receive the “Monthly Economic Indicators & Industry Trends,” but how can they maximize this benefit?

This presentation will focus on select indicators that have a major impact on the PM industry.

Paul Sedor,
Metal Powder Industries Federation

(No printed manuscript).

Management Economic Indicators

Session Chairman:
John von Arx
Phoenix Sintered Metals LLC

3:00 p.m.





Implementing a Cultural Change: The Development of a High-Performance Organization

Session Chairman:
Jeffrey Danaher, Sr.,
Abbott Furnace Company

4:30–5:45 p.m.





Why are some organizations more successful than others? One of the most recognizable reasons, but also most difficult to define, is the culture of the organization. Measurements of success in a manufacturing facility include:

  • Satisfied customers
  • Profitability
  • Excellent material utilization
  • On-time deliveries
  • Low absenteeism and turnover rate
  • Happy employees

But how do organizations score highly on all of these metrics? For most successful organizations, the answer was a change in culture. This presentation will define a dramatic change in culture, clear vision, and plan based on a case study of a powder metallurgy parts manufacturing facility. It will outline organizational culture, the change process, and difficulties that can be expected. It will provide benchmarks for a high-performance organization, barriers to implementation, comprehensive strategic planning, and sustainable successes.

Speaker: Gary L. Ramsey, Consultant

(No printed manuscript)

CPMT LogoThe Center for Powder Metallurgy Technology (CPMT) merges the academic and corporate PM worlds together with a joint goal to promote PM industry progress. Through collaboration, the transfer of knowledge and technology advancement is utilized to advance the growth of the PM industry. 

This oral presentation-only session will share recent R&D activities completed by CPMT. 

Evaluation of Acoustical Mixing
4:30–4:55 p.m.
John Engquist, FAPMI, JENS Solutions Inc.

CPMT conducted a project to evaluate the acoustical mixing of an FC-0208 to determine the effects on powder characteristics and sintered properties. The acoustical mixing process was compared to a baseline mix prepared using a standard, commercial double cone blender. This presentation will review the results of the investigation.

Rust Prevention of PM Ferrous Parts
4:55–5:20 p.m.
Kenneth Schatz, Metco Industries, Inc.

CPMT has an ongoing project to evaluate the effectiveness of known rust preventative fluids applied to various PM ferrous-based materials. The rust preventatives are used to extend the shelf-life of the PM components. This presentation will provide the test results and introduce discussion of a new guideline for humidity testing.

Evaluation of Acoustical Mixing and Rust Prevention of PM Ferrous Parts

Session Chairman:
Thomas Pfingstler,
Atlas Pressed Metals

4:30–5:20 p.m.






Improvement in Precision/Accuracy/Variation Control

Session Chairman:
Blaine Stebick,
Phoenix Sintered Metals LLC

5:20–5:45 p.m.








This presentation will focus upon recent technology developments, opportunities, perceived threats, challenges, and barriers to growth uncovered during the most recent Technology Assessment investigation performed by MPIF Technical Board members.

(Open only to qualified MPIF-member registrants)

Benefits of Precision/Accuracy/Variation Control

Powder metallurgy is an advanced metalworking technology, but as an industry, are we underestimating or limiting the growth of the industry by accepting the current state of the technology? Will improved process control dramatically affect the quality and cost of existing components or open new opportunities because of reduced secondary operations?

This presentation is intended to stimulate discussion regarding the potential benefits of improving precision, accuracy, and variation control of PM components.

John Engquist, FAPMI, JENS Solutions Inc.

John Engquist, FAPMI, JENS Solutions Inc.
Roger Lawcock, FAPMI, Stackpole International
Bruce Lindsley, Hoeganaes Corporation
Roland Warzel, North American Höganäs Co.

(No printed manuscript)

"Presenting cutting-edge R&D at AMPM conferences, one of the world's leading forums on metal additive manufacturing, provides a unique opportunity for technology transfer between peers." Joe Strauss, President, HJE Company, Inc.
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