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Due to the current economic crisis, and for the foreseeable future, MPIF is offering free ad space to anyone seeking employment at a PM company who is currently unemployed. Ads must be 100 words or less, and will run for 8 weeks with an option to renew.

For more information contact Dora Schember at (609) 452-7700; Fax (609) 987-8523

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Positions Wanted

Technician Position

Jaco Marais looking for a technician position in any of the many subdivisions of the powder metallurgy industry. 2 years ago I committed myself to big life and career change and traveled from South Africa to attend the BASIC PM SHORT COURSE at Penn State in August 2018. I Studied Physical Metallurgy in South Africa and worked in the flat steel industry. I recently became US Resident with a Greencard. I need a position where I can learn everything about the PM industry. I plan to complete my PMT certification asap. Resume available, please request from jaco0819@gmail.com
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