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Advances in Powder Metallurgy
& Particulate Materials—2008

Proceedings of the 2008 World Congress on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials,
June 8–12, Washington, D.C.


Contains over 250 technical papers encompassing over 2,700 pages in a fully searchable CD-ROM in a format that preserves the original color in all figures

MPIF, 2008     ISBN-13: 978-0-9793488-9-1       ISBN-10: 0-9793488-9-7
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ALSO AVAILABLE in a complete set of four printed softcover volumes (limited quantities)

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Volume I: Parts 1, 2, & 3


State of the North American PM Industry—2008
Mark Paullin, President, Metal Powder Industries Federation

State of Powder Metallurgy in Europe—2008
Ingo Cremer, President, European Powder Metallurgy Association

State of Powder Metallurgy in Asia—2008
Yutaka Mizuno, President, Japan Powder Metallurgy Association

Part 1—Design & Modeling of PM Materials, Components & Processes

Simulation of Mechanical Properties of Chromium Alloyed Sintered Steel
Lars Nyborg, Sepehr Hatami and Sven Bengtsson

Stress State Dependence of FC-0205 Steel Powder
Paul G. Allison, Mark F. Horstemeyer, Youssef Hammi and Hayley R. Brown

Mapping Between Material Design and Properties Using Material Informatics for PM Simulation
Shiwoo Lee, Harpreet Singh, Seong Jin Park, Sundar V. Atre and Randall M. German

Fundamental Aspects of Spark Plasma Sintering
Eugene A. Olevsky, Sastry Kandukuri and Ludo Froyen

Modeling of Springback During Ejection of Hardmetal PM Parts Following Compaction
Rich J. Gubanish, Pankaj K. Mehrotra, K. Roediger, Srikanth Bontha, R. Rengarajan, S. Shamasundar, G. Chidanand and S. Mirajkar

Predicting the Effects of Heat Treatment on Pressed and Sintered Steel Parts
Virendra S. Warke, Richard D. Sisson, Jr., and Makhlouf M. Makhlouf

FEM Analysis of Stress and Deformation States of Shelf Dies for Metal Powder Compaction
Enrico Armentani, Gian Filippo Bocchini, A. Cortiginao, Gabriele Cricri and Renato Esposito

Prediction of Tool Wear and Tool Life by Experiment/Modeling/Simulation of the Die-Compaction Process
Wei Li, Peter J. Blau, Jun Qu, Seong Jin Park, Youssef Hammi and Randall M. German

Integrated Simulation of Mold Filling (Binder-Powder Separation), Debinding, and Sintering in Powder Injection Molding
Seongjai Kim, Seokyoung Ahn, Seong Jin Park, Sundar V. Atre and Randall M. German

Modeling PM Extrusion of Rods
Jane W. Adams, Chian F. Yen and Brandon McWilliams

Modeling for Powder Metallurgy Component Design and Performance Prediction
Youssef Hammi, Laura Tucker, Paul G. Allison, Tonya W. Stone, Mark F. Horstemeyer and E.B. Marin

Multi-Scale Modeling of Sintering: Application to Firing of Silicon-Based Solar Cells
Gordon Brown and Eugene Olevsky

Taguchi Method for Sintering Study of Nanocrystalline Silicon Carbide Fabricated Using Plasma Pressure Compaction
Manish G. Bothara, Pritha Vijay, Sundar V. Atre, Seong-Jin Park, Randall M. German, T. S. Sudarshan and R. Radhakrishnan

Simulation of Die Filling in 3D with Special Emphasis on Vibration Supported Filling
Claas Bierwisch, Torsten Kraft, Michael Moseler and Hermann Riedel

An Automated Design and Advisory System for Pressed-and-Sintered Powder Metallurgy Parts
Roland Stolt

Fracture and Fragmentation Problems in Particulate Materials Processing
Randall M. German

Quantitative Study of Process and Material Parameters on Flow Behavior and Powder Binder Separation of Feedstocks: Experimental Design 3D Simulation Model and Balance Model for Separation in Suspensions
Martin Jenni, Rudolf Zauner, Juergen Stampfl and Jeff Morris

Mixing Simulation for Powder Injection Molding Feedstock: Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis
Tae Gon Kang, Seokyoung Ahn, Seong Jin Park, Sundar V. Atre and Randall M. German

Injection Molding Parameter Optimization using the Taguchi Method for Highest Green Strength for Bimodal Powder Mixture with SS316L in PEG and PMMA
Khairur R. Jamaludin, Norhamidi Muhamad, Sri Yulis M. Amin, Mohd Nizam Ab. Rahman, Murtadhahadi and Muhammad Hussain Ismail

Investigation of Metal Powder Sintering by Coupling Discrete Element Modeling and In Situ X-Ray Microtomography
Luis Olmos, Didier Bouvard, Christophe L. Martin, L. Salvo, Daniel Bellet and M. Di Michiel

Tribological Investigation of Diamond-Impregnated Segments Assisted by FEM-Simulation
Wolfgang Tillmann, Miriam Gathen, Artur Martin Osmanda, Lukas Wojarski and Christian Kronholz

Part 2—Particulate Production

Experience of Industrial-Scale Hot Inert-Gas Atomisation
Dirk Aderhold and John J. Dunkley

Rapid Prototyping of Close-Coupled Atomiser Components Using an Analogue Atomiser and High-Frame-Rate Analysis
Ian N. McCarthy, Robert F. Cochrane, Andrew M. Mullis and Nicholas J. Adkins

Quality of Sn-Ag Powders Produced by Drop-on-Demand Technique
Nils Ellendt, Volker Uhlenwinkel, Alisa Ahmetovic, Lisa Boddez and Hani Henein

The Effect of Oxygen Additions to the Atomization Gas on Powder Characteristics
Joseph T. Strauss

Impulse Atomization of Al-Fe Alloys
Hani Henein

Granulated Particulates: A Novel Approach for Processing Near-Full-Density Parts by Conventional Pressing and Sintering
Animesh Bose, Pinaki Bose, Isamu Otsuka and Takeshi Kadomura

In Situ Kinetic Study of Hydrogen Reduction Process for Optimal Production of Fe2O3 Nanopowder by Nonisothermal Hygrometry Measurement
Sung-Soo Jung, Woo-Kyung You, Yun-Sung Kang and Jai-Sung Lee

Properties of Organic-Bonded and Diffusion-Bonded 0.5% Mo Prealloyed Steel Powders
Claude Gélinas and Sylvain St-Laurent

Taguchi Optimization of the Distribution and Agglomeration of Nickel Powder (T123 & T110) in Blended Iron-Nickel Powder Mixture
Nikolaos Vlachos and I. T. H. Chang

Part 3—Compaction & Forming Processes

Performance Characteristics of a Newly Developed PM Lubricant used in Combination with Elevated Die Temperatures
David Milligan, Paul Hofecker, Ian Howe, Shawn Miller and Ola Litström

A Low-Density Lubricant System with Significantly Improved Green Strength and Ejection Forces for PM Applications
Dennis L. Hammond, Apex Advanced Technologies

Optimizing Compacting Lubricant Selection-A Comparison Study of Various Commercially Available Lubricants
Heron A. Rodrigues, Stephen Madill, Mike Folliard and Tianjun (Tim) Liu

A Study on Behavior and Function of Internal Lubricants in Ferrous Powder Mix in the Compaction Process
Yoshihiro Ito, Takayasu Fujiura, Satoshi Furuta, Satoshi Nishida and Yuji Taniguchi

Density of Spray-Formed Materials
Kevin M. McHugh, Volker Uhlenwinkel and Nils Ellendt

Thermal History of Spray-Formed Al-Si and Al-Mg-Si Sheets
Volker Uhlenwinkel, Cassia de Paula Pinto, Lydia Achelis, Reinhard Ristau, Peter Krug and Claudemiro Bolfarini

Rapid Prototyping of Titanium Alloys by Electron Beam Selective Melting Technology
Weiwei He, Xin Yang, Huiping Tang, Haiyan Liu and Haibo Qi

Laser Sintering of Parts with Complex Internal Structures
Claus Aumund-Kopp and Frank Petzoldt

Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Al/Al3Ni Foam Materials via LENS® Deposition of Ni-Coated Al Powder
Baolong Zheng, John E. Smugeresky, Yizhang Zhou, Dean Baker, Asit Biswas and Enrique J. Lavernia

Straight Forward to a Successful Demoulding Process
Alex Wehrli, Stefan Haltner and Peter Kunz

Hydraulic CNC Press Process Control through Automated Length Measurement and Weight Data Acquisition
Wolfgang V. Schuebl and Walter Rau

Development of Die-Wall Lubrication Technique for Multi-Stepped Mold
Tomoyuki Kohida and Yuuji Yamanishi

Combustion-Driven Compaction Automation: A Pressing Solution for Niche Markets
Dennis Massey

Multi-Axis Force Monitoring for Predicting Compaction Problems and Optimizing Compact Quality
Michel Guillot and Jocelyn Blanchet

The Forming of an Ultra-Thin Cup Using a New Compacting Technology
Masahiro Okahara, Zenzo Ishijima and Kei Ishii

Improved Dimensional Precision by High-Performance Bonded Mixes and Advanced Compaction Presses
Mats G. Larsson, Walter Rau and Denis O'Keefe

Study of the Effect of an Improved Die-Filling Shoe on Density Variations
Michel Guillot, Jocelyn Blanchet, Jean-Francois Lacasse and Isabelle Bouchard

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness on Powder Compacting Systems
Stefan Haltner, Alex Wehrli and Peter Kunz

Powder Metallurgy Developments of Ti-6Al-4V Plate for Structural Applications
Jane W. Adams, Volodymyr Duz and Vladimir S. Moxson

The New Approach to Production of Foamable Precursors using the Method of Direct Powder Rolling
Alexander Litvintsev

Indirect Extrusion of Rapidly Solidified Aluminum Alloys
Manoj Kumar, Ravindra K. Dube and Klaus Müller

Processing and Thermoelectric Properties of Zn4Sb3 Compound by Powder Extrusion Technique
Zhong-Chun Chen, Junichi Tsujimura and Fumio Fujita

Powder Extrusion of Advanced Lightweight Materials
Gerhard Hanko and Peter Schäffler

Super-High-Pressure Compaction for High-Density Products
Dov Chaiat

Characterization of Powder Bulk, Dynamic Flow and Shear Properties in Relation to Die Filling
Reg Freeman and Xiaowei Fu

Fabrication of the Powder High-Speed Steel by the Electric Discharge Compaction
Evgeny G. Grigoryev and Vladimir G. Grigoryev

Dynamic Magnetic Compaction (DMC)Processing of Tool Steels
Edward A. Knoth, Bhanumathi Chelluri and James Laverick

The Electric Discharge Compaction of Tantalum Powders
Evgeny G. Grigoryev

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Sintered Ti-Fe-Zr Alloy
H. Ozkan Gulsoy, Pavan Suri, Seong Jin Park and Randall M. German

Processing of PM Spinodal Bronze
Kenneth S. Watson, Robert Gotham and William Morrissey


Volume iI: Parts 4, 5, & 6

Part 4—Powder Injection Molding (Metals & Ceramics)

Micro Component Fabrication by Micro Molding on PDMS Mold Utilizing Stainless Steel Nanopowders
Eung-Ryul Baek, Sugeng Supriadi, Andy Tirta and Chul-Jin Choi

Microstructure, Magnetic and Mechanical Properties of Ni-Zn Ferrites Prepared by Powder Injection Moulding
Jesus Gutierrez-López, Elena Rodriguez-Senín, José Y. Pastor, Miguel A. Paris, Belén Levenfeld and Alejandro Várez

Fabrication of Thin-Walled YSZ Tubular Electrolytes for Fuel Cells by Powder Extrusion Molding
Teresa Jardiel, Belen Levenfeld and Alejandro Varez

Effect of Processing Parameters on the Mechanical Properties of Powder Injection Molded Alumina
Ibrahim Uslan, Ilyas Yucel, Levent, Urtekin and Süleyman Saritas

A Technical and Market Contrast and Comparison for Metal Powder Injection Molding
Randall M. German

Effect of Powder Size and Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties of 15-5PH
Paul A. Davies, Toby Tingskog, Erich Neubauer and Rudolf Zauner

Effect of Powder Characteristics and Sintering Conditions on Density and Corrosion Resistance of MIM 316L Stainless Steel
Ratnesh K. Dwivedi, Donald F. Heaney, and Randall M. German

Reaction and Transport Kinetics for a Water-Soluble MIM-Binder System
Steffen Krug

Influence of the Composition on Fundamental Characteristics of a Water-Soluble Binders for MIM of 316 Stainless Steel Powders
Hélio Jorge and António M. Cunha

A Comparison of Techniques for Processing Powder Metal Injection Molded 17-4 PH Materials
Satyajit Banerjee and Claus J. Joens

The Effects of Sintering Cycle and Alloy Design on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of MIM 17-4PH Stainless Steel
J. Alan Sago, Michael D. Wilson, Mark W. Broadley, John K. Eckert and Roger J. White

Important Features of a PIM Machine
Uwe Haupt, Hartmut Walcher and Marko Maetzig

Scaling Up the Plasma-Assisted Debinding System (PADS) for Powder Metal Injection Molding
Claus J. Joens and Satyajit Banerjee

Development of a High-Strength Aluminium MIM Alloy
Zhenyun Liu, Graham B. Schaffer and Tim B. Sercombe

Magnetic Properties of Fe-6.5Si Powder Injection Molded Materials
Hideshi Miura, Yoshitomo Tanaka, Toshiko Osada, Terukazu Tokuoka, Takao Nishioka and Akihiko Ikegaya

The Effect of Feedstock Composition on Defect Evolution in Powder Injection Molded Ceramic Microarrays
Sachin Ladha, Carl Wu, Sundar V. Atre, Shiwoo Lee, Kevin Simmons, Seong-Jin Park and Randall M. German

Injection Molding of Micro-Porous 316L Stainless Steel Parts
H. Ozkan Gulsoy, Pavan Suri, Seong Jin Park and Randall M. German

Effects of Sintering Temperature and Sintering Time on Mechanical and Impact Properties of Injection Moulded Ti-6Al-4V Employing Prealloyed and Mixed Powders
Khuntong Songsiri, Anchalee Manonukul, Prasert Chalermkarnnon, Hideki Nakayama and Motoi Fujiwara

Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Properties of Co-Cr-Mo Alloy Produced by MIM
Palloma Vieira Muterlle, Mirco D'Incau, M. Perina, R. Bardini and Alberto Molinari

Net-Shape Manufacturing of NiTi Shape-Memory Parts
Efrain Carreño-Morelli and Jacques-Eric Bidaux

Micro Powder Injection Molding-Latest Developments
Volker Piotter, Klaus Plewa, Martin Beck, Hans-Joachim Ritzhaupt-Kleissl, A. Ruh and Juergen Hausselt

Metal Injection Moulded High-Performance Applications
Dunstan H. Peiris

The Effect of Processing Variables on Gas-Bubble Formation in Gas-Assisted Powder Injection Molding
Seokyoung Ahn, Manuel de Hoyos, Kye Hwan Lee and Seong Jin Park

Micro Metal Injection Moulding for Thermal Management Applications Using Ultrafine Powders
Hans Schmidt, Astrid Rota, Philipp Imgrund and M. Leers

Surface Structuring by Micro-MIM: Technology and Applications
Philipp Imgrund, Hans Schmidt, Natalie Salk, A. Bruinink and M. Bitar

Design and Development of a Dual-Material MIM Product
Matthew Bulger, Howard I. Sanderow and Semahat Sinharoy

Comparative Behavior of Bronze and Superalloy Feedstocks Made with Different Particle Sizes

José M. Torralba, José M. Contreras and Antonia Jiménez-Morales

Influence of Powder-Particle-Size Distribution on Rheological Properties of 316L Powder Injection Moulding Feedstocks
M. Eugenia Sotomayor, Alejandro Varez and Belen Levenfeld

Part 5—Pre-Sintering & Sintering

A Study on CuO-Al2O3 Reaction Paths
Mafalda Guedes, Jose M. Ferreira and Alberto C. Ferro

The Importance of Agglomerate-Size Control in Full-Density Processing of Nanopowder by Pressureless Sintering
Jai Sung Lee, Hyun-Goo Kang and Yun-Sung Kang

Postulation of a Mechanism of Nitrogen Sintering of Aluminium
Tadeusz M. Pieczonka, Stephen C. Mitchell, Andrew S. Wronski, Jan Kazior and Marek Hebda

A New Approach to Sintering Furnace Atmosphere Control and Sinter Hardening by Gas Impingement Cooling
Akin Malas, Soren Wilberg, Daniel Nilsson, and Sigurd Berg

Sintering of Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy Powders
Yong-Jin Kim, Sang-Bin Park, Jae-Wook Lee and Sangsun Yang

Reaction of Nitrogen Atmospheres with PM Steel Compacts During Sintering
Herbert Danninger, Christian Gierl, Vassilka Vassileva, Antje Liersch and Georg Kalss

Effect of Prealloyed Mn and Cr on Chemical Reactions During Sintering of Steel Compacts
Maryam Jaliliziyaeian, Christian Gierl and Herbert Danninger

Effect of Powder Characteristics and Processing Parameters on the Shrinkage Behaviour of Copper Compacts
Chandran Padmavathi and Anish Upadhyaya

Effects of the Sintering Temperature on the Surface and Bulk Characteristics of Iron Samples Sintered in Hollow Cathode Discharge
Silvio Francisco Brunatto and Herson Carlos Fuchs

Cold Pressing and Liquid-Phase Sintering of Premixed Al-Cu Alloy and Al-Matrix Composites Reinforced with Alumina Particles
João B. Fogagnolo and Jose Leandro A. Oliveira

Investigation of Microstructural Evolution and Properties of Boron-Doped PM 316L
Deniz Uzunsoy and H. Aygül Yeprem

Tin Addition Influence on the Optimization of an Al-Cu Alloy High-Energy Milling and Liquid-Phase Sintering
Elisa M. Ruiz-Navas, M. Luisa Delgado, Elena Gordo and José Manuel Torralba

Sinterability, Microstructure and Properties of a Boron-Containing Duplex Stainless Steel
Lorena Lazada and Francisco Castro

Heterogeneous Microstructures for Obtaining High-Performance PM Steels
Wilfredo Garcia, Shandra Sainz, Arulkumar Karuppannagounder and Francisco Castro

Sintering of Chromium Containing PM Steels Processed to High Density
Bruce A. Lindsley

Study of Sintering Aspects for the Manufacturing of Low-Cost Titanium Alloys
Pablo García-Esteban, L Bolzoni, Elisa M. Ruiz-Navas and Elena Gordo

Thermal Analysis and Dilatometer Studies of the Liquid-Phase Sintering of Al-Mg-Si-Cu Alloys
E. Crossin, T.B. Sercombe, Ji-Yong Yao and Graham B. Schaffer


Part 6—Secondary Operations

Performance Characteristics of a Newly Developed Machinability Additive for PM Applications
Bo Hu, Suresh Shah, Jerry Falleur, Roland T. Warzel III, David Milligan, Ian Howe and Olof Andersson

Role of Machining Additives and Cryogenic Cooling in Machining of Sinterhardened Materials
Ranajit Ghosh and Bruce Lindsley

Influence of Carbide Content and Morphology on Machinability of Hardened PM High-Speed Steels
Kristian Arntz, Fritz Klocke and Rajsekhar Thejomurtula

Effect of Copper Addition on the Machinability of PIM 316L Stainless Steel
Kai-Hsiang Chuang and Kuen-Shyang Hwang

New Iron Powder with Improved Machinability
Bernard Tougas, Carl Blais and Gilles L'Espérance, FAPMI

Effect of Solid Lubricant on Machinability of Valve-Seat Inserts
Heron A. Rodrigues, Tianjun (Tim) Liu and Chris Myers

Effect of KSX Free-Machining Agent on Machinability of High-Precision PM Components
Hironori Suzuki, Tetsuya Hayashi, Heron Rodrigues and Satoshi Masuhara

Machinability Improvement of Iron Based Sintered Alloys by Adding Complex Oxide Powder for K Grade Carbide Tools
Satoshi Furuta, Yuji Taniguchi and Takahiro Kudo

Influence of the Residual Stress State on the Toughness of CVD-Coated Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools
Helga Holzschuh, Manuela Klaus and Christoph Genzel

Tempering Conditions and Property Changes of Heat-Treated PM Steels
Gian Filippo Bocchini, Andrea Baggioli, Barbara Rivolta and Giuseppe Silva

Response to Heat Treatments of Fe-TiCN Composites
Beatriz Gómez, José Manuel Torralba, Elisa Ruiz-Navas and Elena Gordo

Alternative Approaches for Reactive Surface Coating on Rare Earth Magnet Alloy Particulate
Nathaniel T. Oster, Iver E. Anderson, Wei Tang, Yaqiao Wu, Kevin W. Dennis, Matthew J. Kramer and R. W. McCallum

New Process Perspective with Infracarb Process for Sintered Parts
Aymeric Goldsteinas

Carburizing of Low-Alloyed Chromium Materials-An Overview
Sven Bengtsson, Thoedora Marcu and Alexander Klekovkin

Challenges of Surface Densification of PM Gears by Rolling
Philipp Kauffmann, Christof Gorgels and Fritz Klocke

The Application and Performance of Wrought Wire Infiltrant in a Production Environment
Howard I. Sanderow, Paul A. Rivest and Richard H. Slattery

Investigation of Weldability of Powder Metal Al Plates By Friction Stir Welding
Hakan Ates, Adem Kurt, Mustafa Cakir and Ilyas Uygur

Steel-Based Infiltration-A Method to Achieve Full Density Higher-Performance Powder Metal Parts
Frederick J. Semel and Kalathur S. Narasimhan

Volume III: Parts 7, 8, & 9

Part 7—Materials

Advanced Composites through Nano Engineering
Asit Biswas, Dean Baker, Randall Echols, Yizhang Zhou, B. Zheng, Enrique J. Lavernia, William Hofmeister and Henry Meeks

Low-Alloyed High-Performance Material Concepts
Gerold Stetina, Georg Kalss, Juergen Voglhuber and Peter Orth

High-Performance Manganese Containing PM Steels
Bruce A. Lindsley, Christopher Schade and Howard G. Rutz

Effect of Molybdenum Content in PM Steels
Bruce A. Lindsley and Howard G. Rutz

New Robust Mn-Based PM Steels
Mark J. Dougan and Joan Moratò

Introduction of a New Sinter-Hardening PM Steel
Peter K. Sokolowski, Bruce A. Lindsley and Francis G. Hanejko

Effect of Variation in Composition of Prealloyed Ferrous PM Component Powders
John J. Michiels

Lean Nickel PM Steels for High-Performance Applications
Thomas F. Stephenson, Maria Korotkin and Shawn Metcalfe

Sintered Structural Cu-Ni-Mo-C Low-Alloyed Steels with Small Boron Additions
Magdalena Orban and Radu L. Orban

Performance Characteristics of a Newly Developed Cost-Effective Cr-Ni Prealloyed Steel Designed to Replace the Fe-Ni Steels
Nagarjuna Nandivada, David Milligan, Alexander Klekovkin, Yoshinobu Takeda and
Yang Yu

Sintered Structural Steels Low Alloyed with Cu, Ni, Mo and V
Magdalena Orban and Radu Orban, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Properties of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Produced via Press and Sinter Route 
Prasan K. Samal, Nagarjuna Nandivada and Ingrid Hauer

Development of a Dual-Phase Precipitation-Hardening PM Stainless Steel
Christopher Schade, Thomas F. Murphy, Alan Lawley and Roger Doherty

An Advanced High-Performance Nitrogen-Alloyed PM Steel for Powder-Compacting Tooling
Richard Jervis, Börje Johansson, Lennart Jönson, Gerhard Kientopf, Petter Larsson and
Odd Sandberg

MICROCLEAN-PM Tool Steels, Part of the Automotive Industry
Heinz Makovec, Devrim Ziya Caliskanoglu and Ernst Putzgruber

Novel Highly Sinterable High-Speed Steel Powders: Computer Aided Design, Sintering Behaviour and Microstructural Evolution
Inigo Iturriza, Sixto Giménez, Vera Trabadelo, I. Traola and Tomas Gómez-Acebo

Carbide Design in Wear-Resistant Powder Materials
Paul D. Nurthen, Ola Bergman and Ingrid Hauer

Innovations in High-Performance Gas-Atomized PM Steels
Stefan Sundin, Lars-Olov Nordberg, Massimo Cocco and Roger Walve

Evaluation of the Pressing Characteristics of Commercially Pure Titanium Using an Instrumented Double Acting Die
Yuri Hovanski, Curt A. Lavender and Kenneth S. Weil

Characteristics of Hot-Extruded Aluminum Alloy Using Rapidly Solidified Powder via SWAP
Masashi Kawakami, Katsuyoshi Kondoh, Hisashi Imai, Isamu Otsuka and
Horoshi Izaki

Evaluation of Metastable Beta Alloy Ti-5Al-5V-5Mo-3Cr Produced via Powder Metallurgy
Jean M. Stewart and Charles F. Yolton

Semi-Finished Products from New Structural Materials Based on Granular Magnesium Alloys
Boris V. Ovsyannikov, Alexander V. Ponomarev and Nikolay N. Shanin

Relationship between Green and Sintered Properties of Metal-Matrix Friction Materials and the Copper Powders Employed as the Matrices
Mark Assel and Anil Nadkarni

Performance Characteristics of Newly Developed Ni-Mo Sinterhardened PM Steel
Ian Howe, Roland T. Warzel III, David Milligan, Alex Klekovkin and Yang Yu


Part 8—Refractory Metals, Carbides & Ceramics  

Axis-Symmetric Solid Freeform Fabrication of W-TiC Cermelt Rocket Nozzles
Lino Costa, William Hofmeister, Deepak Rajput and Kathleen Lansford

Effects of Alloying Elements on the Properties of Boride-Base Hardmaterials
Ken-ichi Takagi, Yuusuke Shiota and Ken Osada

Microstructure Evolution in WC-Co Composites During Reactive Sintering from Nanocrystalline Powders
Juri Pirso, Mart Viljus, Renee Joost, Kristjan Juhani and Sergei Letunovits

Thermodynamic and Kinetics of Contiguity Forming Between Ceramic Grains on Ti(C,N)- Based Cermets
Shiquan Zhou, Wenqi Zhou, Wei Zhao, Xiaogang Li, Weihao Xiong and Hong Zongguo

Part 9—Advanced Particulate Materials & Processes

High Effectiveness of the Organic-Bonding Process in Reducing the Ni, Cu and Fe Dusting in a Production Environment
Yannig Thomas, Sylvain Pelletier, Sylvain St-Laurent and Claude Gelinas

Advanced Copper-Based Composites Filled with Phase-Change Materials for New Thermal-Management Applications
Thomas Weissgaerber, Hendrik Weidmueller, Sergej Kalinichenka and
Bernd Kieback

Development of Carbon Nanotubes-Reinforced Copper Composites for Heat-Sinking Applications
Faiz Ahmad, G. Goudah, O. Mamat, N. Muti and Randall M. German

Pseudo Alloys of Refractory and Noble Metals
Heiko Wildner, Mike Boening and Andreas Pilz

Encapsulation of Diamond-Impregnated Composites Using PVD Coating
Wolfgang Tillmann, Miriam Gathen, Evelina Vogli and Christian Ullrich

Advanced Binder Obtained by Use of Oxide and Carbide Powder for Particular Polymeric Composites
Mykola P. Ushkin, Leon R. Vishniakov, Boris N. Sinaysky, Nikoloz M. Chikhradze and Guram S. Abashidze

Ti6Al4V-Based MMC Obtained by Means of Spark Plasma Sintering
Mario Zadra, Francesco Casari, Luca Girardini, E. Santuliana and Alberto Molinari

On the Al2O3 In Situ Reinforcing with NiAl by Reactive Infiltration
Radu L. Orban, Roxana M. Piticescu, Robert R. Piticescu and Magdalena Orban

Lightweight Diamond-Based Composites with Advanced Thermal Properties
Erich Neubauer, M. Kitzmantel, Ivi Smid, Kristina Cowan, Hui Yu, and Paul Angerer

Step-Wise Exothermic Reactions in PVD and Cold-Rolled Ni/Al Multilayer Foils
Laszlo J. Kecskes, Anthony J. Roberts, Suveen N. Mathaudhu, Bradley R. Klotz, Xiaotun Qiu, Jesse Graeter and Jiaping Wang

Effect of the Second Phase on Mechanical Properties of Fe3AlC Alloy Prepared by Mechanical Alloying
Kazuo Isonishi

Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Shock-Wave-Induced Reactions in Ni-Al System
Mikheil M. Chikhradze and G.S. Oniashvili

Nanocrystalline NiTi-Fe Smart Alloys Processing by Combined Mechanical Alloying-Reactive Synthesis
Radu L. Orban, Mariana Lucaci, Nicolae Jumate and Magdalena Orban

Photonic Curing: A Novel Process for Low-Temperature Sintering Nano-Particulate Materials
James E. Sears, Michael Carter and Jeff West

Fabrication of Au Nanorods and Nanowires by Chemical Reduction Method
Young-Jin Kim, Dong-Hyun Kim, Sang-sun Yang and Jae-Wook Lee

Quasi-Isostatically Forged Nanocrystalline Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy
Henry S. Meeks

Nanostructured High-Strength Aluminium for Automotive Applications
K. Hummert, R. Schattevoy, M. Broada, M. Knappe, R. Müller,  Paul Beiss, F. Klubberg, Thomas Schubert and T. Weißgärber

The Effect of Particle Size on the Properties of Palladium Nanocomposites
Valmikanathan Onbattuvelli, Sundar V. Atre, Diwakara Meka, Shalini Prasad and Vijayamohanan K. Pillai

Fracture and Fatigue-Crack Growth of Nanocomposite Aluminum Alloys
Hala A. Hassan, Adel B. El-Shabasy and John J. Lewandowski

Preparation of Nanostructered Iron Particles via Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis (USP) and Hydrogen Reduction (HR)
Burcak Ebin, Sebahattin Gurmen, Burak Ozkal and Dilay Pestreli

Effect of Bimodal Distribution of Grain Size on the Tensile Properties of Ferrous Alloys Produced by Spark Plasma Sintering of Nanostructured Powders
Alberto Molinari, Stefano Libardi, Mario Zadra, Francesco Casari and Marcello

Fabrication of Sputtering Targets from Gas-Atomized Powders for Hard Disk Drives
Iver E. Anderson, Gary Schuster and Lawrence L. Jones

Effects of Process-Control Agent on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti-Sn-Nb Alloy Prepared by Mechanical Alloying
Alireza Nouri, Yuncang Li, Yasuo Yamada, Peter D. Hodgson and Cui'e Wen

Mechanical Alloying in Planetary Mills of High Accelerations
Galina G. Chernik, Elena L. Fokina, Nadezda I. Budim, Evgeniya A. Vasilieva, Vladimir G. Kochnev and Marco Hueller

High-Energy Milling of Iron-Titanium Powder Mixtures: A Cold-Welding Problem
Ricardo M. Leal Neto, Railson Bolsoni Falcão and Eneida da Graca Guilherme

Nanocrystalline FeTi-Al-Ni Alloys for Hydrogen-Storage Processing by Reactive Mechanical Alloying
Radu L. Orban, Mariana Lucaci, Dana Salomie and Magdalena Orban

Spark Plasma Sintering of Ultrahigh Temperature Ceramics
Manish G. Bothara, Seong-Jin Park, Randall M. German and Sundar V. Atre

Effects of Foaming Agent and Boron Carbide Additions on the Foamability Behavior of Al Based Metallic Foam Produced by Powder Metallurgy
Mehmet Türker, Hanifi Cinici, Uour Gokmen, Arif Uzun and Suleyman Saritas

Fabrication Process of Highly Porous Carbon Nanofiber Web Implanted with Carbon Nanotubes for Supercapacitor Application
Yongjin Jeong, SeungIl Cha, JongJun Jang and SoonHyung Hong

Fast Hot Pressing of Diamond Composites for Electronics & Cooling Applications
Thomas Schubert, E. Neubauer, Thomas T. Weißgärber and Bernd F. Kieback

Development of Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Copper
Young-Sam Kwon, Seong-Taek Chung, Seong Lee, Joon-Woong Noh, Song-Jin Park and Randall M. German

EDM Performance of W-Cu Electrodes by Nano Tungsten Coated Copper Composite Powder
Young-Sam Kwon, Seong-Taek Chung, Jin-Hyuk Lee, Man-Soo Joun, Seong lee, Joon-Woong Noh, Seong-Jin Park and Randall M. German

Fabrication and Thermal Properties of Carbon Nanotube/Nickel Composite by Spark Plasma Sintering Method
Akira Kawasaki, Shunsuke Yamanaka, Hiroaki Sakamoto, Yutaka Mekuchi, Masaki Kuno and Takayuki Tsukada

Magnetic Nanoparticles and Their Functionlization by Atomic Layer Deposition
Yun Zhou, David M. King, Xinhua Liang and Alan W. Weimer

A Novel Manufacturing Method for Producing Titanium Foam for Biomedical Applications
Yuyuan Y. Zhao and Laura E. Monaghan

Alulight Metal® Foam Products for Lightweight Solutions
Gerhard Hanko, Peter Schaffler, Hans Mitterer and  Philipp Zach

Nanoporous Membranes for Biosensors
Negar A. Monfared, Manish Bothara, Shalini Prasad, Rigel Kishton, Sridhar Varadarajan and Sundar V. Atre

Mechanical Properties of Open-Cell Titanium and Titanium-Alloy Foams Made by PM Process
Derek Liu, Steven Leisinger, Jeffrey A. Rybolt, Andrew Martin, Donnamarie Appellof, Zach Stookey and Bryan Smith

Porous Metallic Support Structures Developed for Hydrogen-Separation Membranes
Iver E. Anderson, Robert L. Terpstra, David Byrd and Steven N. Paglieri

Unconventional Fabrication of Stainless Steel 316L Metal Foam by Conventional Ceramics Route
Suttha Amaranan, Khunthong Songsiri and Anchalee Manonukul

Nanostructured Maraging Steel by Mechanical Alloying and SPS of Elemental Powders
Cinzia Menapace, Stefano Libardi, Mirco D'Incau and  Alberto Molinari

Anisotropy of Texture-Controlled PM Magnesium Alloys via Roll-Compaction Process
Katsuyoshi Kondoh, Takamichi Oguri, Hisashi Imai and Kenshi Kawabata

Microstructure and Properties of Inconel 625 Metal Matrix Composites Deposited by LENS®
Baolong Zheng, Jonathan Nguyen, John E. Smugeresky, Yizhang Zhou, Dean Baker and Enrique J. Lavernia

Development and Analysis of Bio-Inspired Design Aluminum Composites
Arockiasamy Antonyraj , Pavan Suri, Seong Jin Park, Kiyong Cho, Giselle Thibaudeau, Randall M. German and Brian Baldwin

Volume IV: Parts 10, 11, 12, & 13


Part 10—Material Properties

Mechanical Properties and Microstructural Features of Biomedical Components Produced by Electron Beam Melting of CoCrMo Powder
Luca Facchini, Emanuele Magalini, Pierfrancesco Robotti and Alberto Molinari

Cost-Effective Materials for Sinter-Hardening Applications
Ulf Engström, Robert Frykholm, David Milligan and Roland T. Warzel III

Full Density and Case Hardening, the Key to Highest Rolling Contact Fatigue Strength
Ivo Sauermann, Thomas Janitzky and Paul Beiss

Mechanical Properties of Highly Densified Sintered Steel by High-Pressure Warm Compaction Using Die-Wall Lubrication
Nobuhiko Matsumoto, Toshitake Miyake, Mikio Kondoh and Kimihiko Ando

AMPERSINT®MAP-A New Concept in Powder Metallurgy Applicable for Highly Alloyed Materials
Ulf Waag and Roland Scholl

High-Density Properties of 410L Stainless Steel Made by Blending Granulated Powders with Traditional PM Powders
Thomas W. Pelletiers, Thomas J. Jesberger, Bart Nelson, Isamu Otsuka and Blaine Stebick

Wear Resistance of Gas Nitrided Astaloy CrLTM Sintered Steel
Luigi Alzati, Ulf Engström, Barbara Rivolta and Adriano Tavasci

Particle-Reinforced Composites Based on Carbon-Free Precipitation-Hardening High-Speed Steels
Herbert Danninger, Christian Harold, Fardin Rouzbahani, Helmut Ponemayr, Manfred Daxelmüller, Frantisek Simancik and Karol Izdinsky

Grain Size-Depenent Mechanical and Wear Properties of TiC-FeNi Steel Cermets
Lauri Kollo and Jakob Kübarsepp

Wear and Fatigue of Sintered Aluminum Materials
Shuhai Huo and Bill Heath

Wear Mechanisms of Tool Steels Used in PM Pressing Dies
Sepehr Hatami, Lars Nyborg and Jan-Olof Krona

Effect of Chemical Composition on Fatigue Strength of Fe-Cu-C Steels
Paul Beiss and Ali Zafari

Effect of Nickel or Copper Addition on Mechanical Properties of Sintered and Carburized Compacts Made of Molybdenum Hybrid-Alloyed Steel Powder
Shigeru Unami and Yukiko Ozaki

Porosity Statistics of Extremes and Fatigue Strength of Sintered Iron
Paul Beiss and Stefan Lindlohr

Fatigue Behavior of High-Density Sintered Steel
Jorge L. Bris, José A. Calero, Yadir Torres and Luis M. Llanes

Improvement in Fatigue Performance of Powder-Forged Connecting Rods by Enhanced Shot-Peening
Edmond Ilia, Russell A. Chernenkoff and Kevin T. Tutton

Mechanical Properties of Chromium Carbide Based Cermets at Micro-level
Irina Hussainova, Iwona Jasiuk, Xiangdong Du, David Cabassa and Juri Pirso

Mechanical Properties of Sintered Steel of Fe-Mn System
Sang-Suk Kim, Se-Hoon Seok and Dong-Kyu Park

Comprehensive Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Heat-Treated Low-Alloyed Steels with Mn Added via Mechanical Alloying
Mónica Campos, José A. Sicre-Artalejo, J.M. Molina-Aldareguía and José M. Torralba

Advanced Mechanical Properties of the Shell/Core Hybrid Powder Compacts
Tetsufumi Yoshida, Masashi Nakatani, Keita Ono, Hiroshi Fujiwara and
Kei Ameyama

Strength Characterization of Bilayer Compacts
Michael J. Sexton, Adam Procopio and Antonios Zavaliangos

Tensile and Fatigue Properties of PM Steels with Additions of an Atomised Fe-Mn-C Master Alloy
Wilfredo Garcia, Shandra Sainz and Francisco Castro

Influence of Sintering Temperature on Impact Strength of Sintered Fe-Mo-P Steels
Jan Kazior, Marek Hebda, Marek Nykiel and  Tadeusz Pieczonka

Influence of Density and Tempering Temperature on the Fatigue Behaviour of Sinter-Hardened Distaloy DH1 PM Steels
Giovanni Straffelini, Vigilio Fontanari, Alan Hafez and Matteo Benedetti

Mg-Fe-O Insulation Coating on Pure Iron Powders for Magnetic Powder Cores
Katsuhiko Mori, Masahisa Miiyahara, Koichiro Morimoto, Kazunori Igarashi, Muneaki Watanabe and Ryoji Nakayama

Inducement of Mechanical Strength in Mg-Fe-O-Insulated Iron Powder Cores by Heat Treatment Under Oxygen-Containing Atmosphere
Yosihiro Tanaka, Kenichi Kato, Masahisa Miyahara, Koichiro Morimoto and Kazunori Igarashi

Magnetic Properties of Sintered AMPERSINT®MAP Fe50Co Parts
Ulf Waag

Production of Magnetic Cores from Iron Powders Coated with Mg-Fe-O Insulation
Kenichi Kato, Yoshihiro Tanaka, Katsuhiko Mori, Masahisa Miyahara and
Kouichiro Morimoto

Growth Opportunities with Soft Magnetic Materials
Kalathur S. Narasimhan, Francis G. Hanejko and Michael Marucci

Conventional PM and MIM Approaches to High-Performance Silicon-Iron Steel
Rajendra M. Kelkar and Peter A. dePoutiloff

Infiltration and Selective Diffusion of Chromium to Strengthen Mechanical Properties of Iron PM Parts-Spectrometric Evidences
Arun K. Chattopadhyay and Jessu Joys

Atomized Precursor Alloy Powder for Oxide Dispersion-Strengthened Ferritic Stainless Steel
Joel R. Rieken, Iver E. Anderson, M. Kramer, Y.Q. Wu, J. Anderegg, A. Kracher and Matthew F. Besser

Dimensional-Change Comparison of Materials with Different Microstructures
Roland T. Warzel III, David Milligan, Sigurd Berg and Sven Bengtsson

Part 11—Test & Evaluation

Detection of Powder-Binder Separations During MicroPIM by Synchrotron Computer Tomography
Richard Heldele, Michael Schulz and Juergen Hausselt

Assessment of Sintering Degree by Universal Hardness Test
Gian Filippo Bocchini, Riccardo Gerosa,  Barbara Rivolta and Giuseppe Silva

Effect of Crack Size on Natural Frequency Using Resonant Inspection
Richard W. Bono and Gail R. Stultz

Novel Methods to Determine Fracture Toughness and Bending Strength of Hardmetals
Arne M. Huber, Antje Winkelmann, Ulrich Koblmiller, Rolf Speicher and
Michael J. Hoffmann

Analysis of Powder Metal Alloys by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Peter D. Damian

Functional Test of Surface-Densified vs. Conventional Powder Metal Gears for High-Performance Applications
Alessandro De Nicolo and Pierluigi Zingale

Stress Controlled Fatigue Testing of Porous Sintered Steels-An Endless Task?
Paul Beiss

Comparison of Density Measurement Techniques for Large PM Components
Tonya W. Stone, Laura Tucker, Youssef Hammi, Thomas N. Williams, Haitham El Kadiri and Mark F. Horstemeyer

An Infrared-Imaging Approach for Quality Assurance in the Powder Metallurgy Process
Souheil Benzerrouk and Reinhold Ludwig

New Material with Improved Machinability and Fatigue Strength for PF Connecting Rod
Masaaki Satou, Minoru Takada, Satoshi Masuhara, Kentaro Takada and Ryosuke Kogure


Part 12—Applications

The Influence of the Type of Magnetic Circuits on the Parameters of Electric Machines
Barbara M. Slusarek, Piotr Gawrys and Marek Przybylski

Development of PM Sprocket Combined with Housing Body for Motor-Driven Electric Variable-Valve-Timing Control Systems
Masanobu Takagi, Kazuhiko Suganaga and Toshihiko Nagata

The Development of Complicated-Shape and High-Strength Clutch Hub
Shun Egawa, Tkehiro Nakashima and Naoki Motooka

Selective Net-Shape (SNS) Powder Metallurgy for Complex-Geometry Rocket-Engine Components
John A. Halchak, Clifford C. Bampton, Wes Goodin, Thomas J. Van Daam, Gordon Creeger, Stephen H. James and Victor Samarov

Development of High-Performance Sintered Bearing Material for Motors of Automotive Applications
Takeshi Yanase

Development of Iron-Base Powders Suitable for Laser Welding
Stefano Libardi, Stefano Saccarola, Corrado Poli, C. Menapace and Alberto Molinari

Development of Thin-Walled & Light-Weight Carriers for 4WD
Reiko Fujitsu, Shinichi Hirono, Mamoru Imamura and Nobuya Amano

Development of a Downsized Die and Tools for Shock Absorbers
Tadashi Oikawa and Tomohiko Amino

Material Cost Savings in Powder Metal Transfer-Case Sprockets and Sun Gears
Marc Legault, Francis Hanejko and David Pendrak

Part 13—Management Issues

Economic Analysis of Powder Metallurgy Composites
John L. Johnson

Comparing Furnaces Using a Detailed Operating Cost Model
John R. Haddock

Use SWOT Strategy to Differentiate Your Company from Low-Wage Competitors
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