Hotel Information

Hotel IrvineThe Hotel Irvine welcomes you to Irvine, California, and invites you to experience their hotel, where all of their sleeping rooms have been updated and upgraded. They call themselves a lifestyle hotel, which means business with a splash of pleasure. They strive to deliver an experience you can’t find anywhere else and that will make your stay that much more memorable.

Hotel amenities include:

  • WiFi access in all sleeping rooms
  • 24/7 Marketplace room delivery
  • Fitness programs, exercise trails

Hotel Reservations

A block of rooms has been reserved for MIM2020 attendees.

Register early to guarantee group rates of $199/night at the hotel. Higher rates may apply once our room block is filled or after the advance registration deadline of January 17. All room reservations must be made through MPIF via online conference registration. Credit card information is required in order to process your reservation. Room reservations will be acknowledged by email.