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25 Feb 2019 MIM2019: International Conference on Injection Molding of Metals, Ceramics and Carbides • Orlando, Florida 2/25/2019 - 2/27/2019

MIM2019, the International Conference on Injection Molding of Metals, Ceramics, and Carbides, features manufacturing innovations on part design, tooling, molding, debinding, sintering, and more. Join us in February 2019 for our best conference yet!

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25 Feb 2019 Powder Injection Molding Tutorial 2/25/2019
Conducted by: Randall M. German, FAPMI Professor Emeritus, San Diego State University This course will provide a basis for determining options, uses, properties, applications, and opportunities for cost-effective PIM manufacturing. Individuals who will benefit from the tutorial include engineers, business managers, procurement managers, component designers, and technicians. This course is a must for consumers of PIM components and organizations that are exploring the opportunities associated with developing their own PIM manufacturing facilities. Registrants will receive the publication Metal Injection Molding—A Comprehensive MIM Design Guide.


Register through the MIM2019.org website.

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25 Mar 2019 11th International Conference on the Science of Hard Materials (ICSHM11) 3/25/2019 - 3/29/2019
The 11th International Conference on the Science of Hard Materials (ICSHM11) attempts to bring together scientists, technologists and manufacturers of Hard Materials (cemented carbides, cermets, advanced ceramics, composites and super-hard materials).
As it has been the tradition in the previous ten conferences, the aim of ICSHM11 will be to provide an interdisciplinary forum for presentation, discussion and exchange of modeling, experimental and applied concepts that contribute in the advancement of Hard Materials.
The material presented at the Conference will appear in the refereed, archival International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, published by Elsevier.
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30 Apr 2019 2019 CPMT Spring Meeting 4/30/2019 - 5/1/2019

2019 Spring CPMT Board of Trustees and Membership Meeting

Hilton Garden Inn

Romulus, MI 


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