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23 Jun 2019 POWDERMET2019: International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials • Phoenix, Arizona 6/23/2019 - 6/26/2019
The leading North American technical conference on powder metallurgy and particulate materials, POWDERMET2019 is a hub for technology transfer for professionals from every part of the industry, including buyers and specifiers of metal powders, tooling and compacting presses, sintering furnaces, furnace belts, powder handling and blending equipment, quality-control and automation equipment, particle-size and powder-characterization equipment, consulting and research services, and much, much more.
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23 Jun 2019 Metal Additive Manufacturing Tutorial 6/23/2019

Conducted by: Todd Palmer, Professor, Pennsylvania State University and Joseph Strauss, President, HJE Company, Inc. 

This tutorial will provide a basis for determining options, uses, properties, applications, and opportunities for cost-effective metal additive manufacturing (AM). Individuals who will benefit from the tutorial include engineers, business managers, procurement managers, component designers, and technicians. This tutorial is a must for consumers of metal AM components and organizations that are exploring the opportunities associated with developing their own metal AM facilities. This tutorial is only for POWDERMET2019/AMPM2019 attendees. Learn more and register on the POWDERMET2019.org or AMPM2019.org websites. 

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12 Aug 2019 Basic Powder Metallurgy Short Course 8/12/2019 - 8/14/2019

The Basic Powder Metallurgy (PM) Short Course is the powder metallurgy industry's longest running course—celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014. If you or your company's employees are new to the PM industry, this is the course for you. Now including metal additive manufacturing, this year's seminar features a tour of the Center for Innovation Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition.*

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24 Sep 2019 PMTi2019: Powder Metallurgy & Additive Manufacturing of Titanium 9/24/2019 - 9/27/2019

Global experts on powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing processing of titanium and titanium alloys will gather for academic exchange and technology transfer in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah for PMTi2019. After four successful conferences held in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and China, PMTi is coming to the United States for the first time.

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