POWDERMET2019 Technical Sessions

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POWDERMET2019 Technical Sessions


Conference Chairmen

Daniel Reardon
Daniel Reardon
Abbott Furnace Company

Virendra Warke
Virendra Warke
Entegris, Inc.

No photography, or auto or video recording of presentations is permitted.

Technical Session Rooms


Two to three technical sessions will take place concurrently.

Each session will consist of:

  • Three technical papers presented by the author
  • Individual presentation times will run 25 minutes, including questions

Manuscripts from the technical sessions will be included in the conference proceedings.

Grant TNT: Talk 'N Technology

Students who receive the National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant or the CPMT/Axel Madsen Conference Grant will present a 10-minute synopsis of their poster. 

Grant recipients and their poster titles will be available on the conference website after they have been selected.

Special Interest Program

Special Interest Program (SIP) presentations are cutting-edge R&D and typically oral in nature, but all submitted publishable manuscripts will be included in the conference proceedings.

Special Interest Programs