Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits 

Take advantage of opportunities within the growing powder metallurgy and particulate materials markets by joining with other industry companies to promote programs that influence the awareness and expansion of the technology. 

MPIF membership can fine tune your management/marketing strategy by providing current information on: 

  • industry conditions 
  • new developments 
  • trends 

MPIF is able to deal more effectively with industry-wide problems and threats, such as those posed by environmental forces, safety and health regulations, unfair trade practices, or competitive processes/materials. 

Association and Federation income is all member-directed toward support of various programs that influence the awareness and expansion of the technology, such as: 

  • management information
  • annual technical conferences & exhibits 
  • technical and professional education 
  • publications 
  • industry marketing 
  • government relations 
  • statistics 
  • technology development 
  • standards 
  • technology transfer 

Member companies participate in committees and boards such as: 

  • Roadmap Committee 
  • Standards and Statistics Committees 
  • Technical Board 
  • Industry Development Board 

In addition, each individual association may offer other benefits specific to the needs of its members.

Technical Conferences

Several annual conferences are offered throughout the year, drawing in thousands of global PM industry professionals.


Powder Metallurgy Parts Association

Corporate Membership (pdf)

Overseas Associate Membership (pdf)




Metal Injection Molding Association

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Metal Powder Producers Association

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Associate Membership (pdf)

Overseas Associate Membership (pdf)


RMA Logo

Refractory Metals Association

Corporate Membership (pdf)




Powder Metallurgy Equipment Association

Corporate Membership (pdf)

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Association for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Corporate Membership Form (pdf)



In addition to corporate membership in the six associations that make up the Federation, there are three other membership options. 

Corporate Affiliate Membership: Designed for companies that want to be kept abreast of PM technology and industry developments but do not fit within the scope of any of the six associations. 

Associate/Consultant Membership: These members provide a variety of services including development and implementation of new technology, plant setup, part and tool design, laboratory service, market research, quality assessment, injection molding, magnetic applications, personnel training, and research and development programs. 

Associate/Overseas Membership: Companies that are located outside of North America (and are not eligible for membership in an association that accepts overseas members) are eligible for an Associate/Overseas membership. Associate/Overseas members enjoy most of the same benefits of corporate membership except voting privileges.