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The PIM industry (MIM—metal injection molding; CIM—ceramic injection molding; and CCIM— cemented carbide injection molding) has estimated sales of nearly $1.5 billion and could possibly double in a span of five years. With this continued growth and interest, the industry has realized major technological advances and overcome numerous business challenges.

The objective of the conference is to explore these advances, assist in the transfer of technology, and investigate new developments in the field of injection molding of metals, ceramics, and carbides.

The conference is targeted at product designers, engineers, consumers, manufacturers, researchers, educators, and students. All individuals with an interest in this fascinating technology and application of its parts are encouraged to attend.

MIM Parts

Plus Optional...

Powder Injection Molding Tutorial

Monday, February 27
Conducted by: Randall M. German, FAPMI

This course will provide a basis for determining options, uses, properties, applications, and opportunities for cost-effective PIM manufacturing. Individuals who will benefit from the tutorial include engineers, business managers, procurement managers, component designers, and technicians. This course is a must for consumers of PIM components and organizations that are exploring the opportunities associated with developing their own PIM manufacturing facilities. Registrants will receive the publication Metal Injection Molding—A Comprehensive MIM Design Guide.

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JoensStefan Joens
Elnik Systems, LLC

StuckyMike Stucky
Norwood Injection Technologies

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