Metal Powder Industries Federation

Award-Winning Powder Metal Parts

May 2015

Winning parts in the 2015 Powder Metallurgy (PM) Design Excellence Awards competition, sponsored by the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF), forcefully illustrate the notion that PM finds creative solutions to fabricate parts that competing technologies would deem "impossible." Whether conventional press-and-sinter or metal injection molding, PM answers the call of designers faced with difficult, even seemingly impossible, challenges. With the ability to "tweak" materials for specific design objectives, as well as through creative use of machining, PM offers solutions not previously considered feasible. By not accepting the status quo, PM fabricators are altering the part-forming landscape: taking conventional pressand- sinter into MIM's preserve, and vice versa, as well as uncovering new applications in mature product categories.

The awards were presented here during the 2015 International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials (POWDERMET2015).

For a full description, complete with images, of this year's winners, download the full pdf

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