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CPMT/Axel Madsen Conference Grants

The National Science Foundation (NSF), the Metal Powder Industry Federation (MPIF) and the CPMT/Axel Madsen Conference Grants provide students with the opportunity to participate and exchange ideas with leading researchers and engineers from worldwide industry and governmental facilities, as well as the students and faculty from both domestic and international universities. The recipients attend the full conference, giving them the chance to learn the latest research areas and results in powder metallurgy fields of interest. These opportunities will not only improve the students’ knowledge in the field, but also develop scientists and engineers who are ideally suited to create the next generation of designs in powder metallurgy and metal additive manufacturing that will push materials and manufacturing capabilities.

Students will present a 10-minute synopsis of their poster during the Grant TNT sessions. Review the schedule.

First Name Last Name College/University
William Bouchard Laval University
Nicholas Gosse Dalhousie University
Ryan Ley Dalhousie University
Maude Tremblay Laval University

Scope of the Grant

CPMT/Axel Madsen Conference Grant Awards are provided to full time Master’s degree students or below involved in studies relating to the field of powder metallurgy. Prior grant recipients are ineligible. After the conference, the student must prepare a detailed report of the conference to be published in the International Journal of Powder Metallurgy.

The grant includes:

  • $750 to help defray travel and lodging expenses
  • Access to all POWDERMET and AMPM technical presentations
  • Exhibition admission
  • Conference proceedings
  • Opening Night Reception
  • Opening General Session
  • Design Excellence Awards and Industry Recognition luncheons
  • Closing event
  • Exhibition admission
  • Registration bag with handouts
  • Attend the entire conference (Sunday–Wednesday). Please make your travel plans accordingly.

Recipients are responsible for the cost of their own transportation, lodging, and meals outside of the included conference events.

The conference registration deadline for awardees is March 31st.

Please note that a requirement is the preparation of a project poster to be displayed at the conference and a 10-minute synopsis of the poster in the form of a PowerPoint presentation during a scheduled Grant TNT: Talk ‘N Technology poster session. This requirement is designed to further enhance the student’s conference experience.

Please email Stephanie Schember, or call 609-452-7700 ext. 114, with any questions.

Download the Poster and Presentation Requirements

CPMT/Axel Madsen Conference Grants History
Axel Madsen was well-known in the PM industry as a successful entrepreneur. He co-founded Allied Sinterings, Inc., Danbury, CT, in 1959. The company actually began in a converted diner with four employees and went on to develop a successful niche business producing high-precision, small, and intricate PM parts. Madsen was a creative toolmaker and an expert on high-precision PM parts. He was active in the Powder Metallurgy Parts Association (PMPA) of MPIF and served as a director.

The Axel Madsen Conference Grant Program was established by his family to encourage students to learn more about PM technology and pursue careers in the PM industry. Annually, four students receive full registration to the annual conference and a stipend for travel and lodging.