Scholarship Recipients' Technical Works

The following technical works samplings from scholarship recipients over the past five academic years.


Metallurgical Assessment of an Emerging Al-Cu-Mg PM Alloy (pdf)


Press and Sinter Response of Al-Cu Binary Alloys (pdf)

Simple Compression of Brittle Powder Compacts (pdf)

Examining Mechanical Properties and Surface Treatments of Selective Laser Melted Cu-4.3Sn (pdf)

The Effects of Processing Parameters on Sinter-Bonding of Silver Graphite to Copper (pdf)


The Relationship Between Microstructure, Processing, and Final Properties of Copper-Based Alloys Fabricated via Selective Laser Melting (pdf)

Die-Less MIM-style Additive Manufacturing with Controlled Porosity: a Proof of Concept (pdf)

On the Benefits of Using a STRECON Die for the Compaction of Powder Metals (pdf)

Development of Ballistic Impact Device for Measuring the Impact Energy of Powder-Metal Bullets (pdf)


Optimization of Aluminum Alloy PM2618 for High Temperature Exposure (pdf)

A Study of Additive Diffusion in Ferrous Powder Metal Compacts Using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (pdf)

Development of Spark Plasma Erosion to Enable Scalable Direct Synthesis of High Temperature Performance Nano-Particulate Materials for Energy Storage Applications (pdf)

The Effect of Machining Additives on the Microstructure and Hardness of PM Alloy FC-0208 (pdf)


Influence of Temperature on the Compaction and Strength of Some Pharmaceutical Excipients (pdf)

Metal Matrix Composites Via PM Routes (pdf)


Study of Additive Diffusion in Ferrous Powder Metal Compacts (pdf)


Assessment of a Novel Lubricant for Emerging Aluminum (pdf)

PM Alloys Intense Pulse Light Sintering of Tungsten (pdf)

Powder Metal Microstructure of Stainless Steel with Additives (pdf)

The Effect of Machining Additives on the Machinability of PM Alloy FC-0208 (pdf)