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Criteria for
Metal Powder Industries Federation
Kempton H. Roll
PM Lifetime Achievement Award
(Adopted 2007)


To recognize individuals with outstanding accomplishments and achievements who have devoted their careers and a lifetime of involvement to the field of powder metallurgy and related technologies.

The award honors the lifetime contributions of Kempton H. Roll, whose vision led to the establishment of the Metal Powder Industries Federation as its founding Executive Director, and whose achievements had a significant impact fostering the growth of the powder metallurgy industry and technology.


1. All aspects of the Award will be administrated under the auspices of the MPIF Awards Committee.
2. If possible, the award should be presented every four years at the annual MPIF technical conference.
3. The award is intended to be presented to one individual.
4. No posthumous selections will be made, unless the recipient dies after being selected.


In order to receive consideration by the MPIF Awards Committee, candidates must have the following qualifications:
• Have been active in one or more segments of the PM industry for the major portion of his or her working career.
• Individual talents, contributions and achievements are such, that they have received industry-wide recognition and are not limited to within one’s own company, institution or region.
• For the purposes of this award, outstanding talents, contributions and achievements can include ingenuity, creativity, foresight, courage, confidence and continuing efforts that have fostered, nourished or enhanced the growth or acceptance of powder metallurgy and related technologies in all fields of endeavor, including but not limited to: research and development efforts; process or product design; manufacturing; management and leadership; technology advancement; industry promotion and marketing; speaking; article publication; teaching or consulting.


1. Six to eight months prior to the date at which the award is to be presented, a solicitation announcement for names and qualifications of candidates shall be released to the industry in all appropriate media.
2. Nominations of prospective candidates to receive the Award may be made by any person, including the candidate, or by the MPIF Awards Committee.
3. Nominations must be made on the official application form and be accompanied by a letter of recommendation as well as all appropriate supporting documents and corroborative details.
4. Deadline for receipt of nominations shall be February 1 of the year in which the award is to be presented.
5. Individuals nominated or in consideration for nomination should not be contacted personally or in writing or in any way advised of the pending nomination.
6. Any individual who is once nominated as a candidate remains so for five (5) years at the discretion of the Awards Committee. Additional information regarding a candidate may be submitted to or solicited by the Committee.
7. Recipients of the MPIF Powder Metallurgy Pioneer Award or the MPIF Distinguished Service to Powder Metallurgy Awards are eligible to receive this Award.


The Awards Committee or the Executive Director and Committee Chairman have the authority to make exceptions or deviations due to special circumstances.

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Arlan J. Clayton.................................................................2008
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Alan Lawley.......................................................................2012
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