Metal Powder Industries Federation

Award-Winning Powder Metal Parts

June 2016

The winners in the 2016 Powder Metallurgy (PM) Design Excellence Awards competition, sponsored by the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF), amply demonstrate PM's capabilities in their own ways. They focus on PM's strong points to gain and extend their competitive advantage, push production capabilities and process tolerances to their very limits, and bring originality to the conception of what is possible through creative design.

The awards were presented here during the 2016 International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials (POWDERMET2016).

Download the full press release. (pdf)

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Metal Powder Industries Federation is the North American trade association formed by the powder metallurgy industry to advance the interests of the metal powder producing and consuming industries and provides a single point of reference for all MPIF member companies.

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