MPIF Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is MPIF's governing body. It is comprised of the presidents of MPIF and APMI International, as well as the presidents of each of our trade associations: PMPA, MPPA, PMEA, MIMA, RMA, AMAM. 

The MPIF Executive Director/CEO is also on the board.

MPIF President
Dean Howard, PMT
North American Höganäs Co.

Rodney Brennen

PMPA President
Rodney Brennen
Metco Industries, Inc.

Jill Spaulding

MPPA President
Jill A. Spaulding
Kymera International

Gregory Wallis

PMEA President
Gregory Wallis
Dorst America, Inc.

Michael Stucky

MIMA President
Michael Stucky
Norwood Medical

John Sweet

MPIF Past President
John F. Sweet, PMT
FMS Corporation

Stacy Garrity

RMA President
Stacy Garrity
Global Tungsten & Powders

MPIF Executive Director/CEO
James P. Adams

Michael Marucci

AMAM President
Michael Marucci
Ametek Specialty Metals




MPIF Legal Counsel
Thomas R. Trowbridge, III

APMI President
Tom Pelletiers
Kymera International