Powder Metallurgy Equipment Association Board of Directors



Board of Directors

The Powder Metallurgy Equipment Association members supply tools and dies, compacting presses, sintering furnaces, atmospheres, handling and impregnation equipment, furnace belts, mixers, laboratory equipment, and other equipment, and services used to make metal powder parts and products.

Gregory Wallis

Gregory Wallis
PMEA President
Dorst America, Inc.

Ray Serafini

Raymond Serafini, PMT
Linde, LLC

Alex Gasbarre

Alex Gasbarre
Gasbarre Products Group

Ross Tregenza
Tru-Die Limited

James Neill

James H. Neill
CM Furnaces, Inc.
Past President

James Adams

James P. Adams
Metal Powder Industries Federation
Executive Director

Eric Reinert
Bronson & Bratton

Association Administrator
Diane Haggerty

MPIF Legal Counsel
Thomas R. Trowbridge, III